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Amazing Speedy K-9 Unit Ends Police Pursuit After Taking Down Fleeing Suspect

Look at him fly!

A man who reportedly assaulted a police officer led authorities to go on a wild chase in California on Monday evening. The police pursuit started from Santa Ana to Irvine, where it ended badly for the suspect.

The suspect, later on, identified as Antonio Padilla, Jr., ditched a car he’d carjacked earlier to escape authorities. But what he didn’t expect was that a really fast K-9 unit would take him down.

The wild chase ended when the carjacker ditched the vehicle and tried to escape police.

Source: WVTM 13
But this K-9 unit officer is much faster than he was.

Source: WVTM 13

The K-9 officer credited for the apprehension of Padilla was Puskas. The police dog may have shown his bravery in this hot case but unfortunately, Puskas nearly lost all his teeth (but canines intact) during the attack.

Puskas was badly injured while taking down the suspect.

On Tuesday morning, Puskas went through dental surgery.

The latest update stated that Puskas should be able to go home with his handler tonight.

Puskas is expected to go back to work after a break for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, police reports stated that Padilla almost hit a policewoman at Garden Grove with his truck on Feb. 18.

Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney said that a motor officer stopped Padilla and wrote him a traffic citation. However, Padilla backed his truck almost hitting the policewoman. Padilla fled the scene and wasn’t found until Monday evening, when the chase started.

Suspect Antonio Padilla, Jr., 37, was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon in Garden Grove.

Source: Sta. Ana PD

Garden Grove detectives tried to arrest Padilla in Santa Ana where they spotted his 2016 GMC Sierra Truck. Padilla, however didn’t pull over and that’s when a police chase started.

A helicopter joins in the pursuit to capture the incident on camera.

Source: WVTM 13
Padilla was sandwiched in Irvine and that's when he carjacked a woman's Audi.

The woman and her brother tried to stop Padilla, but he drove off and rammed the cars near him.

Source: WVTM 13
Watch the wild chase and Puskas “flying” to take down Padilla in the video below.

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UK Set To Ban Plastic Drinking Straws Across The Country

“For most of us, they’re just a convenience. For wildlife, they are killers,” said Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

The United Kingdom is taking a big step towards addressing pollution by banning plastic drinking straws across the country in the near future. According to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, this is being done to resolve serious environmental concerns.

In a report by the Marine Conservation Society, it is estimated that UK gets about 8.5 billion straws every year and these straws are among the top 10 waste items found during beach cleanups. Straws – which usually require over two centuries to disintegrate - are likewise hazardous to marine life since sea creatures mistake them for food.

Banning plastic straws is a good thing.

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People Are Calling For Child-Free Zones In Flights

Many people would even pay extra money to stay in child-free flights.

Have you tried sitting next to a toddler or a child who's irritable or having tantrums mid-flight? In all honesty, it's quite stressful, right? Well, you're not alone. Apparently, many other individuals are calling airlines to provide child-free zones on planes.

This might not sit well with parents out there. However, a recent survey by Airfarewatchdog found that about 52 percent of airline passengers would actually pay to stay in child-free zones.

The survey asked the passengers if children should sit in separate zones.

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Iceland To Ban Male Circumcision and Punish Offenders With Imprisonment

The said bill has since sparked controversy and debate.

Iceland is set to become the first European country to ban male circumcision with a new bill before the parliament proposing a 6-year imprisonment for any person who performs it for non medical purposes. The bill has since gained mixed reactions, with Jewish and Muslim leaders getting outraged about it.

According to the bill, male circumcision is very similar to female genital mutilation (FGM) which is widely prohibited in Europe. Iceland has officially banned FGM way back 2005.

Circumcision violates children, the bill claims.

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