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Amazing Flower Has Petals That Look Like Hummingbirds




  • A Reddit user came across the beautiful little flowers and shared a picture on the internet.
  • The green flowers resemble tiny hummingbirds attached to the plant.
  • The Crotalaria cunninghamii can be found in Australia where there are no actual hummingbirds.

Nature is truly awesome. One netizen came across a cool plant with amazing green flowers. Not surprisingly, people are now interested in finding these pretty blooms because they resemble hummingbirds.

The image of the amazing flowers was shared by Reddit user -OctopusPrime where it immediately captured the hearts of several netizens. Some wondered if the strange plant had evolved to look like hummingbirds to avoid predators or if it is simply a case of pareidolia where the brain picks up on a familiar image that isn’t actually there. But most people were simply blown away by how awesome and cute the flowers look.

Here’s the photo shared on Reddit

The plant in question is actually Crotalaria cunninghamii, which is also known as the green birdflower or regal birdflower. It is native to the northern side of Australia where it can usually be found in beaches and sand dunes. It earned the name “birdflower” for its obvious resemblance to a bird stuck by its beak to the flowerhead’s stalk.

Crotalaria cunninghamii is named after the early 19th-century botanist Allan Cunningham and is used by the Aborigines to treat eye infections.

Although people are simply amazed by the flower’s pretty shape, there’s still the big question: Did it evolve to look like that or are we seeing something that isn’t there? Another Redditor SolitaryBee, who happens to be “a postdoc scientist studying the evolution and ecology of flowers,” explained that it is a simulacrum. This means that the flower appears to be an imitation of a bird.

While there could be an ongoing debate about how the flowers came to be, some people are simply impressed by how beautiful Crotalaria cunninghamii truly is.

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