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This 19-Year-Old Teenager From Norway Is The World’s Youngest Billionaire





We have to work hard for the things that we want in life, as the saying goes “You can’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.” But some people, you can say are just born lucky or–rich. While others have their parents or family to thank for, there are those who are making it big on their own.

Many would gladly choose fortune over fame but this teenage girl from Norway just might have the best of both worlds. 19-year-old Alexandra Andresen made her debut as the World’s Youngest Billionaire in Forbes list just this Tuesday. Thanks to her family’s fortune, she is now estimated to be worth a staggering $1.2 billion.

Alexandra is one of the heiresses to one of Norway’s largest holding companies, Ferd.


Her father, Johan H. Andresen, transferred more than 80% of his shares in Ferd to his two daughters Alexandra and Katharina in 2007.


20-year-old Katharina placed second on this year’s list of world billionaires. The family made their fortune through their tobacco company which dates back to 1849 and was founded by their great, great, great grandfather. However, they sold it for $500 million in 2005. Now, their investment company mostly manages hedge funds.

But there is more to this Norwegian girl than her fortune and fame.


She is also making a name for herself as a professional dressage rider.


“This is what I want to do the rest of my life, ride!” she told Eurodressage.

She has competed in international dressage competitions with her stallion “Belamour” and has won awards at the 2013 and 2014 European Junior Riders Championship. Not your ordinary 19-year-old heiress indeed.

According to reports, the Andresen sisters are living normal and low-key lives and will be involved in the business much later. Their father even insist they drive secondhand cars, Alexandra said.

“I actually save all the time, I have always done,” she said in an interview with the Ferd’s corporate magazine.

“I save when I get my weekly allowance, and I save the cash prizes I win in competitions or if I get money as a gift for my birthday. It means I can buy myself things I really want, like a bag or a pair of shoes, without having to ask mum or dad for money.”

Certainly, she has a brighter future ahead of her and it’s not all about being rich and famous but the happiness she finds from doing something she loves. By the looks of it, Alexandra can make it even bigger in these two different worlds she is currently in. Way to go girl!

H/T: The Independent

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