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In Photos: The Aftermath of the Massive Beirut Explosion That Terrified the World




  • The exact cause of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon still remains unknown to this day.
  • Bloody, injured people were waiting for help amidst the rubble.
  • Hospitals overflowed with victims and doctors ended up treating some of them out in the sidewalk.

An enormous explosion rocked the capital city of Beirut in Lebanon when a huge fire broke out in a structure neat the port area. Videos and pictures of the shocking incident have been shared online, showing the terrifying seismic shockwave destroying buildings, shaking the ground, and shattering glass windows within miles of its reach.

Thousands have been injured and the number of deaths is still climbing. At the moment, the cause of the fire and explosion is still unknown. Earlier reports point to the ammonium nitrate present in the warehouse where the fire originated as the likely culprit, but there are also those who have speculated otherwise.

Take a look at the images of the destruction in Beirut:

Massive smoke that can be seen for miles went up after the explosion.
The smoke from another angle…
A building reduced to rubble after the explosion.
Lebanese firefighters struggle to put out the fire.
An injured man waits for help.
One of the badly damaged vehicles after the blast.
People panicking and evacuating after the explosion.
Vehicles tossed by the explosion.
Heavily damaged buildings show the impact of the shockwave.
Shocked and injured victims scramble for help.
People running for their lives…
Wrecked warehouses and damaged high-rises…
A thoroughly destroyed silo…
Security forces making their way through the site…
A wounded man being evacuated by the rescuers.
An injured sailor onboard the damaged ship was docked near the site of the explosion.

Wounded people lined up outside the hospital to get treated.
Injured men lying on the ground as they wait for help.
Another injured man rests on the armchair while waiting for help.
Another view of the damaged buildings…
Wounded people near the site of the blast.
A view of the explosion from afar…

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