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Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab Vows to Make the People Responsible for Beirut Explosion “Pay the Price”




  • Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab promises that the people responsible for the incident will “pay the price.”
  • His statement followed after a massive explosion shook Beirut on Tuesday evening, consequently killing about a hundred people and injuring thousands.
  • Reports say 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port area of the Lebanese capital.
  • The Prime Minister also urgently called on other nations for help.

Hassan Diab, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, gave a televised statement in the aftermath of the explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday.

The official said that the Lebanese capital “is mourning” and that the entire nation is facing a “catastrophe.” Furthermore, he declared that the incident “will not pass without accountability,” and that “those responsible will pay the price.”

“This is a promise to the martyrs and wounded people. This is a national commitment,” said the Prime Minister.

On Tuesday, a devastating explosion happened in Beirut, leaving at least 100 people dead, more than 4,000 injured, and many still missing. The tragedy caused approximately $5 billion worth of damages in its wake.

Officials said that the explosion originated from the city’s port area. Apparently, a warehouse there stored 2,750 tons of confiscated ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizer and bombs. It had been kept there since 2014 until it detonated on Tuesday night. Prime Minister Diab pointed out that they would soon share the details about the warehouse to the public.

It is yet uncertain if the incident was a deliberate attack. Reports say there has been an ongoing protest against the government over corruption and economic crisis. However, the official believes that the explosion may have resulted from neglect.

In light of this devastating incident, Prime Minister Diab called on other nations for aid – and several leaders immediately responded.

The pictures and videos from Beirut tonight are shocking. All of my thoughts and prayers are with those caught up in this terrible incident. The UK is ready to provide support in any way we can, including to those British nationals affected,” tweeted UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote, “We are monitoring and stand ready to assist the people of Lebanon as they recover from this horrible tragedy.”

France, Israel, and Iran are also sending their help and resources to Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Lebanese President Michel Aoun recommends a two-week state of emergency. He also summoned for an emergency meeting of Lebanon’s Supreme Defence Council.

Watch Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s televised address here:

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