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After Serving 44 Years in Prison, This Old Man is Shocked with Today’s Society and Technology

“The 1960s’ Skippy’s still here!”


Imagine living in a world virtually devoid of access to technology. Then you are suddenly removed from that environment and placed in a world that is heavily reliant on gadgets and technology. How would you feel? Confused? Probably. Lost? Obviously.

This is the real-life experience of 69-year-old Otis Johnson.

Having been sentenced to a 44-year stint behind bars when the world still used phones that needed coins and music players that required cassette tapes, Johnson did not witness the technological revolution that took place in the past four decades. During the 44 years that he was in prison, he had little to virtually no means of seeing the outside world, so he was surprised with what he saw when he was reintegrated back into society.

News network Al-Jazeera documented Johnson’s first-hand experience of today’s world and his reflection on what he saw around him. Watch his thoughts on the “crazy world” he re-entered in this video:

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Source: Huffington PostAl Jazeera


He Wrote Her 90 Letters Everyday Which She Never Read Until Their Break Up, Now It’s Too Late…

“Don’t let a promise just be a beautiful memory”

They say that regret always gets us in the end. It couldn't have been more true for the lady in this short movie.

Yu Yang asked his girlfriend Chen Wen for her hand in marriage but she refused. Not wanting to give up, Yu Yang told her to meet him everyday for 90 days and he will prove his intentions for her. If after 90 days she still doesn't want to be with him he accepts the decision, but if she wants him they will use the 90 coins to apply for a marriage registration. And so Yu Yang met her everyday and gave her a coin each day, for 90 days.

One coin each day, for 90 days... but were they really just coins?


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A Dad Receives A Letter From His Missing Son And The Content Is Every Parent’s Nightmare

“I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with mom and you.”

One day, a dad walked past his son's open bedroom door and felt that something was amiss. He peered inside and what he saw made him feel more suspicious. First, his son was nowhere to be found; and second, everything is in order. There isn't the regular trash, disarray or pile of dirty laundry on the floor. Even the bed is neatly made up and on it was a piece of paper with the words; "Dad"

As this was a very uncommon gesture for his son cleaning up his room and just leaving a note, the dad became quite worried, and the worries turn to fear as he reads his son's letter which reads:


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Husband Writes an Open Letter to His Nurse Wife and it’s Beautiful!

He sees his wife for who she is, and it’s very touching.

Nursing requires dedication. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in nursing, you’d have to consider the sacrifices you’d have to make first. You see, it’s not just any job; it’s a vocation. And, in order to safeguard your patients’ wellbeing, no matter how difficult and irrational some of them are, you need to have that deep passion for the profession.

Nurses are daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers who set their personal feelings aside when duty calls. No matter how sad, ill, or exhausted they are, they attend to all their patients’ needs and still do their responsibilities when they get home.


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