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After Serving 44 Years in Prison, This Old Man is Shocked with Today’s Society and Technology





Imagine living in a world virtually devoid of access to technology. Then you are suddenly removed from that environment and placed in a world that is heavily reliant on gadgets and technology. How would you feel? Confused? Probably. Lost? Obviously.

This is the real-life experience of 69-year-old Otis Johnson.

Having been sentenced to a 44-year stint behind bars when the world still used phones that needed coins and music players that required cassette tapes, Johnson did not witness the technological revolution that took place in the past four decades. During the 44 years that he was in prison, he had little to virtually no means of seeing the outside world, so he was surprised with what he saw when he was reintegrated back into society.

News network Al-Jazeera documented Johnson’s first-hand experience of today’s world and his reflection on what he saw around him. Watch his thoughts on the “crazy world” he re-entered in this video:

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Source: Huffington PostAl Jazeera

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