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20 Times Moms Were Adorably Funny





Mothers are integral, if not the most important, member of the family for without them, we wouldn’t exist. They carried and nurtured us in their wombs for nine months, endured excruciating pain while giving birth, clothed and fed us, guided and loved us while we were growing up – they did all these and a whole lot more, so we definitely owe our moms a whole lot.

But aside from these superhuman feats, our moms can do one more thing that can lift a massive load of stress off our shoulders – they make us laugh hard. You see, our moms have this gift of being exceptionally funny, intended or unintended. This lovely trait just adds to the unique blend of charm that only they can ever possess, and we definitely love them more for it!

From moms who think that Chewbacca and the Gingerbread Man are one and the same to those who think that “LOL” isn’t associated to anything funny, this compilation of “Mom moments” will sure make your day! Check out these photos:

1. This tiny Christmas tree that Mom put up for the spider that built a web in the living room.

2. This Chewbacca that hung on the Christmas tree because Mom thought it was the Gingerbread Man.

3. This Mom who’s having a great conversation with the cat.

4. This Mom who brought these stuff to her 30-year old son because he told her he’s sick.

5. This Mom who included Dad’s Yoda ornament in this scene.

6. This mom bought chicks and sent this photo to her child. Lucky chicks, eh?

7. This lucky guy who’ll never be dirty because of his mom.

8. This heart-shaped bookmark that mom had knit.

Source: JNGeezy
9. This mom who improvised with the scanner because she did not know how to take a screenshot.

Source: mcray/ Imgur
10. This mom who misunderstood LOL.

Source: boredpanda
11. This mom who gave matching ties to her son and his cat for his birthday.

12. This Jewish gift from a Jewish mother.

13. This Pokemon “Pigachu” cake from mom.

14. This mom who took action because there were boobs on screen and her 22-yr-old gay son is watching.

15. This mom who brought cute back-to-school presents for college seniors.

16. This mom who tried to hit the “Play” button after receiving this photo.

17. This most recent photo on Mom’s iPad.

18. This snapchat from Mom.

19. This innocent and lovely acronym.

Source: boredpanda
20. This Facebook photo that mom had printed and framed.

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