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Adorable Little Sisters Recreate Oscar Best Picture Nominees And People Are Loving It!

These girls are brilliant!

Seven years ago, mom Maggie Storino got a black tutu for her baby girl. She let her put it on and took a photo of her, recreating the 2011 Oscar-nominated film, “Black Swan.” People loved how the little girl was able to pull it off and the photo went viral. That’s what led Maggie to create the project called “Don’t Call Me Oscar.”

When asked to describe her clever project involving her three little girls, Maggie describes it as “One family’s journey through the best picture nominees. Every year, the girls and their mom are able to produce photos with intricate details. And each time, the trio — composed of Sophia, 7, Sadie, 5 and Sloane 2 — does it exquisitely. Below are photos of Maggie’s project, which include this year’s Best Picture nominees.

#1. Manchester By the Sea, 2016

#2. The Wolf Of Wall Street, 2013

#3. Madmax, 2015

#4. Birdman, 2014

#5. Arrival, 2016

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Storino revealed that bribes can help at times to get the girls to do the photoshoot. Sloane happened to receive lots of Thomas the Tank Engine trains for her recreation of Get Out.

#6 La La Land, 2016

#7. The Martian, 2015

#8. Dunkirk, 2017

#9. Zero Dark Thirty, 2012

#10. The Revenant, 2015

#11. Shape Of Water, 2017

When asked what the most coveted role was for the girls, Storino said:

“I thought there would be competition to play Harry Styles in Dunkirk because he’s the subject of their favorite Taylor Swift song, “Style.” When I showed them the photo, Sadie was adamant that Taylor Swift would never date someone that “scary looking.” Honestly, the sea monster in The Shape of Water was their dream role. They really like wearing goggles.”

#12. Hidden Figures, 2016

#13. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, 2017

#14. Lincoln, 2012

#15. Lady Bird, 2017

#16. Brooklyn, 2015

#17 The Theory Of Everything, 2014

#18. Hell Or High Water, 2016

#19. Moonlight, 2016

#20. Darkest Hour, 2017

#21. Life Of Pi, 2012

#22. The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

#23. The Imitation Game, 2014

#24. Hacksaw Ridge, 2016

#25. Bridge Of Spies, 2015

#26. Phantom Thread, 2017

#27. Room, 2015

#28. The Post, 2017

#29. Call Me By Your Name, 2017

#30. Argo, 2012

#31. Fences, 2016

#32. Spotlight, 2015

#33. Lion, 2016

#34. Get Out, 2017

#35. The Big Short, 2015

#36. American Hustle, 2013

#37. Whiplash, 2014

#38. American Sniper, 2014

#39. Nebraska, 2013

#40. Silver Linings Playbook, 2012

#41. 12 Years A Slave, 2013

#42. Her, 2013

#43. Philomena, 2013

#44. Dallas Buyers Club, 2013


Ed Sheeran Donates Signed Guitar To Help Raise Money For Terminally Ill Fan

“We’re completely overwhelmed. It’s so lovely he’d think of us in this way,” said the girl’s mother.

Whether you like his music or not, there’s no denying that Ed Sheeran is one of the coolest guys in the entertainment industry. Remember that time when he surprised a fan with an impromptu stage performance at a mall? They sang ‘Thinking Out Loud’ together and he even offered two free tickets for a show.

So yes, he’s really kindhearted and generous. That’s already established but as if that wasn’t enough, he proved it once again with another tender act that made netizens everywhere admire him more.

Ed Sheeran donated his signed guitar to a terminally ill fan.


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Someone Dumped a Jason Voorhees Statue in a Lake to Freak Out Divers

Now, this is a whole new level of prank, you may say.

It cannot be denied that Jason Voorhees – from the “Friday the 13th” movie franchise – is among the scariest and most violent villains in pop culture. In the sixth installment, protagonists Megan and Tommy are successful in trapping Jason in the bottom of the infamous Crystal Lake. Now, imagine finding this exact scene in real life: What do you think will you do?

Apparently, someone has recreated this by planting a real Jason statue. And mind you, it looks exactly the same, complete with machete and mask. It can be found 120 feet deep in a Minnesotan lake, one that is believed to be popular among divers.

This is how Jason looks like in the film.


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Hundreds Of People Gathered To Say “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

People in Melbourne, Australia gathered together for this event.

For bigtime Hollywood movies, some actors are remembered for the lines they said. However, for veteran actor Owen Wilson, there is just one word that most people associate him with - "Wow".

In honor of the actor, a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting posted an event dubbed as the "Say Wow Like Owen Wilson At Federation Square".

In this event, people across Melbourne, Australia gathered together to say the iconic "Wow" in unison.


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