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Artist Turns Adorable Pet Dogs Into Cute Crocheted Versions Of Them

Crocheted dogs anyone?


You love your furry best friend to bits and leaving him behind when you move out for college or simply spending hours away at work will break your heart. But artist Rachel Holland came up with a brilliant idea to ease that longing for your pooch.

Holland owns a shop called The Faded Wildflower and one of her creations became a hit to all dog lovers, especially to those who had to be away from their beloved pooches. Dog owners can now take their beloved dogs with them wherever they go.

Rachel made these two pooches adorable mini-mes and they look really happy having their "twins" around.

Whether you’re going to college or have to work away from home, these handmade plush crocheted dogs are great to keep with you if you need to leave your beloved pets behind. They’ll make wonderful gifts for all your dog-loving friends. These are also great as a keepsake in the event that your dogs have to cross the afterlife.

1. See how the artist detailed those tiny spots on this crocheted dog's face?

2. Siberian Huskies are sweethearts, but the crocheted version is equally adorable.

3. Is there anything prettier than this one?

4. You don’t have to miss your dogs anymore.

5. Not so tough-looking now, are you?

6. And if you’re a cat lover, Rachel’s got you covered too!

Cat lovers, don’t despair. Your beloved feline friends can also have their own crocheted versions.

7. My! What lovely big eyes you have!

8. Here's another set of amazing eyes

9. Look at those big ears!

10. Bulldogs anyone?

11. The color couldn't be any cuter

If you love Rachel’s work, check out more of them by heading to her Etsy page.

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Japanese Landscapers Turn The Back Of Their Trucks Into Gorgeous Gardens

These gardeners vie for the best garden in Japan!

Gardening these days has been a healthy hobby for people from different walks of life. However, not everyone can do gardening as they please, especially those who live in small apartments or condominiums.

Luckily, this Japanese organization holds an annual gardening contest that gives those who love gardening a chance to showcase their creativity. Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors holds the annual Kei Truck Garden Contest which is participated by different landscapers across the country.

Kei Trucks are small flatbed trucks that are used in the construction and landscaping business in the country

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Someone Handcrafted This Desktop Fantasy Waterfall and It’s Amazing

The steps need more patience but it’s super fun!

Do-It-Yourself projects are always fun, especially if you are the artsy-fartsy type. Of course, DIYs are more expressive and although they can sometimes cost you money, the results are always worth the time and effort.

Case in point, someone recently made a desktop fantasy waterfall or a fountain and the result is pretty amazing. The first few steps are a little tricky but if you have the patience and skill, it's definitely worth it.

Martina, who uploads videos via Nerdforge on YouTube, used a transparent PLA filament to print crystals in 3D

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25 Incredible Parenting Hacks To Make Life With Kids Easier

Find out how these parents made their life a little easier with these brilliant baby hacks.

Having a baby in the house can be a delightful yet shackling experience. Babies seem to see everything they can reach - or not reach - as a challenge. If you put something out of their reach; they'll adorably squish or stumble their cute round baby heads in tiny spots and high places just to reach it. We live in a world that is not safe, where everything we do should be done with caution, especially when it comes to kids.

Kids are naturally curious; one moment they are happily playing in the living room and the next you panic because you can't see them. The result is that parents can't do house chores because they need to keep their children within their sight. Have you ever had the same problem? What did you do? Here are some tips that you might want to try:

#1. Is your baby crawling all over the house? Preoccupy them with toys inside an inflatable pool.

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