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2-Year-Old Bakes Cake In Adorable Cooking Tutorial

“Sugar, please!”

Nobelle Borines





Move over, Gordon Ramsay! An adorable two-year-old has just gone viral for making a cake in an awesome baking tutorial. The toddler even showed off his impeccable manners by repeatedly saying “please” to his silent assistant.

The little boy named Roman has earned millions of fans after his mother posted his adorable cooking tutorial on YouTube. Roman could barely say, “Welcome to my cooking show” but he managed to crack a couple of eggs with the help of his mother.

Meet Roman, the cutest little baker who will make you a sweet little cake.


“You ready?” Roman excitedly asks his viewers. He starts off with sugar and butter, which he adds with Mom’s help. The little boy says “please” and “thanks” to his assistant before claiming his creation “looks yummy” and “perfect.”

Roman’s assistant, aka Mommy, hands him the butter he politely asked for.

Who could resist that adorable little smile?

Most chefs would refuse to admit that they can’t do certain tasks but not Roman. He enlists his mother to help him crack the eggs into the bowl. In addition to that, he stops once in a while to say hello to his audience to make sure they are still watching.

The toddler tries his hand at cracking an egg.

He is always polite, making sure to say “please” and “thanks”.

Things get interesting when Roman adds the batter to flour and baking powder. At one point, he smears a flour mustache on his upper lip. Nevertheless, he continues, saying that the cake must be baked in 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

That flour mustache can’t stop Roman from finishing his perfect creation.

Roman’s finished product is later covered in blue icing and he adds a generous amount of sprinkles on the cake. He later reveals it is his birthday cake and doesn’t waste time enjoying a slice.

There’s a cake underneath all those sprinkles, we promise.

It looks like Roman’s Cooking Corner will be a regular thing for the sweet two-year-old. Roman invites the viewers to subscribe and announces he will be back on Wednesday. Here’s hoping that the toddler will remember to put a shirt on under his apron next time.

Watch the full video:

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