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22 Hilarious Photos of People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings





Picking your outfit for the day can sometimes be tricky. If you’ve got a lot of clothes, then the task can be a bit overwhelming. On top of that, you want to consider which would be most appropriate for your activities – or your destinations.

The people in the photos below learned that a slight mistake in choosing your attire could lead to awkward moments.

For example, you may have worn a shirt that has the exact color and design as a couch.

Go scroll down and get a load of all these embarrassing pictures:

#1. This woman checked into a hotel. To her surprise though, she blended perfectly in the background.

#1 So My Friend Checked Into A Random Hotel, And Then This Happened

Source: wickensworth
#2. Kinda hard to see the socks in here.

#2 Socks

Source: digitalpoo
#3. This girl is giving a new definition to “floored.”

#3 Wearing The Floor

Source: beedat
#4. Camouflage stockings.

#4 Camouflage Level 8

#5. Hail Hydrant!

#5 Cosplay

#6. Who knew a soldier could blend in with a floral couch?

#6 Digital Camouflage Blends In With Floral Couches

#7. They should totally swap phones.

#7 Who Wore It Better?

Source: Jaja321
#8. When you see it…

#8 When You See It

Source: Unknown
#9. Another case of the camouflage socks.

#9 Camouflage Level Over 9000

#10. Urban camouflage.

camouflage 10

Source: SmoothHookah
#11. That awkward moment when you realize the real reason why a random guy is taking your photo.

#11 Urban Camo

#12. To be fair, this looks like it was intended. It’s probably for an ad or something.

#12 This Woman's Dress Looks Like Bus Seats

Source: unknown
#13. A leopard bed with some hair?

#13 Camouflage Level Girlfriend

#14. Sneakers vs cinema bathroom tiles.

#14 My Shoe Blended With The Tile In A Cinema Bathroom

#15. His facial reaction simply says it all!

#15 Camouflage

#16. I’d take a photo, too, if this ever happened to me.

#16 This Happened To My Friend By Coincidence Yesterday

#17. She’s a tree.

#17 My Girlfriend Knows Camouflage Doesn't Have To Be Camo

Source: robinlarski
#18. When you visit a friend’s house and you find out their couch looks like this:

#18 Rob Vs Couch

Source: Speedlimit78
#19. Cute camouflage.

#19 Camouflage Girl

Source: Unknown
#20. Life’s a beach!

#20 Camouflage Bathing Suit

Source: reddit
#21. This one is pretty cool.

#21 Matching shoes

Source: Imgur
#22. LOL at the sad panda.

#22 When Someone Is Wearing The Same Outfit As You

Source: nickhuang109

These are totally funny but heck, I feel bad for these folks. I know I wouldn’t want to be in their situation for sure haha!

Have you ever found yourself in such an awkward spot? Leave a comment below and share it with us.

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