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An Abandoned Fishing Village in China Becomes a Green Wonderland

What a stunning scenery!


A deserted fishing village on Shengshan island in China is slowly turning into a green wonderland as vines slowly swallow its structures.

Through time, mother nature has reclaimed one of the almost 400 islands making up Shengsi Islands located at the east of China’s coastal Zheijang province.

Villagers used to rely heavily on fishing as their primary industry. However, the fishermen opted to work on the mainland in industries such as ship building and repairing, service, shipping, light, and tourism  as it had been more economical for them.

As a result, the once thriving fishing hub now lies empty and has been transformed into a green jungle. Beautiful green vines have overtaken almost all stone buildings, old houses, and even paths creating a stunning scenery.

The green wonderland which is located a few hours east of Hangzhou Bay is strikingly different from the lively skyline of Shanghai.

An amateur photographer from Shanghai known as Jane Qing captured the picturesque sceneries in the village.

Photo credit: Jane Qing


Photo credit: Jane Qing


Photo credit: Jane Qing

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Reporter Tries to Interview Baby on Live TV and it Goes Hilariously Wrong!

“He didn’t like anything I had to say.”


Babies are unpredictable. One moment they are laughing like a hyena, the next minute they can be crying like there’s no tomorrow.

This is the reason why they’re not the best people to interview on live TV.

A Denver-based reporter named Dan Daru was covering the Farms Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville in Colo when a blonde baby boy in a stroller caught his eye. Thinking it was a great idea to feature the cute baby in his segment, he approached the boy he dubbed as “Drew the Farm Kid” and started interviewing him.

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Meet the 200-Pound Kangaroo that Can Crush Metals Using His Bare Paws

Check out what this muscled beast can do using his bare paws.


Roger, the red kangaroo who stands 2m tall and  weighs 89 kg, is the latest Internet sensation. The alpha male kangaroo living in he Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in the Northern Territory is capable of crushing metal buckets with his bare paws. He even stares menacingly at the camera as he does the act.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Australia, sanctuary manager Chris 'Brolga' Barnes revealed Roger’s secret to his chiseled physique.


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How These Men React to the New Mandatory Army Draft in Lithuania Will Move You.

Are they man enough to make a choice?


When Lithuania suddenly reinstated military conscription on May 11, more than 37,000 men aged 19 to 26 were shocked to see their names listed on the country’s compulsory military service. However, not all men were happy with the country’s move to boost the military’s strength.

Several Lithuanian men took to social media to express their negative sentiments on what many call as a sudden and random “lottery”. Their complaints caught the attention of  Beata Tiskevic-Hasanova, a Lithuanian actress and TV host, and Neringa Rekasiute, a Lithuanian photographer and political science student.

The pair decided to respond to their protest in an unconventional but creative way. Through a powerful photo series featuring 14 random men, aged 17 to 28, crying in military uniforms, Hasanova and Rekasiute effectively conveyed how dangerous gender expectations can be.

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