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American Mom Raises Her Three Boys In The Philippines As True Filipinos

The kids talk, behave, and eat like Filipinos!


She grew up in California and lived for a few years in Seattle. Now, Amber Folkman is raising her kids in another part of the globe – in Manila, a heavy populated city in the Philippines.

High temperatures, sweet mangoes, and crazy modes of transportation are what greeted them when they moved to the country back in 2009. The Philippines is where these little kids learned priceless life lessons that can serve as a compass throughout their lives.

We are all connected.

Filipino people have strong bonds with their families and the society.

According to Amber, she’s lucky to be surrounded by kind, cheerful neighbors and friends who see them as their own family. The kids will not seek any attention because a ‘tita’ (auntie) or ‘tito’ (uncle) is always lovingly tickling their cheeks all the time. She also says hearing the kids say ‘kuya’ (elder brother) or ‘ate’ (elder sister) to an adult is so heartwarming.

Happiness is what makes us complete.

“Its more fun in the Philippines” is the country’s slogan, and it is indeed true. The challenge of riding a jeepney or a tricycle are adventures that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Seeing an armed security guard cheerfully giving a high five to a kid is something that you may not always witness in other countries.

Filipinos are generally known for their warm smiles and friendly greetings.

Amber’s kids love eating fried galunggong (round scad) with rice and eating using bare hands, Filipino-style.

The kids have gotten used to the country so much that the eldest can switch his accent depending on who he is talking to (Filipinos or non-Filipinos) while the youngest kid learned his body parts in Filipino first before in English.

These three “Pinoy” boys will always know that they are world citizens and that life is greater than a country or culture.

They may not have a passport to show that they are Filipinos yet but the country will always be in their hearts.

Kudos to you, Amber, for raising your children right.


9-Year-Old Fortnite Addict Sent To Rehab After Wetting Self, Attacking Her Own Father

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The little girl's obsession with Fortnite has certainly gone from bad to worse. Her parents reported that the nine-year-old would urinate into the cushion she sat on instead of pausing her game to go to the toilet. In addition to that, she had attacked her own father because he threatened to take away her Xbox gaming console. Her parents had no choice but to put their daughter in rehab to combat her addiction.

The nine-year-old girl would reportedly spend 10 hours playing Fortnite per day.

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