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Good News: 95-Year-Old Granny Recovers from COVID-19




  • Alma Clara Corsini, 95-year-old, is the oldest patient in Italy to have recovered from the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • After 18 days of self-isolation and medication, her physician said Corsini has now “fully recovered” from the disease, even without “antiviral therapy”.
  • Corsini, who became the hospital’s “pride of the staff” is now back at her home.

Alma Clara Corsini, 95-years-old, is so far the oldest patient in Italy to have recovered from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). She was tested positive on March 5, and was discharged from the hospital in Pavullo on March 23 after 18 days of quarantine and medication.

Corsini, who is from from Modena, Italy, recovered and became the “pride” of Pavullo Hospital staff after giving hope to medical frontliners battling against the spread of coronavirus. According to a report from Gazzetta Di Modena, an Italian newspaper, Corsini’s health improved significantly even without “antiviral therapy.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m fine. They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while,” Corsini said in the Italian language.

Before she was discharged from the hospital, the staff, along with infectious disease specialist Dr. Cinzia Cappi, semi-intensive care expert Dr. Maria Cristina Fontana, internist Dr. Alessandra Marrazzo and chief of internal medicine Dr. Giorgio Cioni, took the chance to snap a photo with her.

Italy has banned any non-essential movement in the whole country and temporarily shut down all non-essential businesses as measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. According to a report, it seems the safety measures may be working, pointing out how a small town in the northern part of the Italy has managed to reduce the number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases to zero.

As of posting, Italy has reported 101,739 confirmed cases and 11,591 fatalities. 14,620 have recovered from the virus, so far, and 75,528 individuals are still under quarantine.

In the United States, 87-year-old Percy Ewart Lockton became the oldest patient to survive the deadly virus. This was despite the known fact that the elderly are at most risk of falling seriously ill to COVID-19, with higher probability of mortality rate.

Listen to Dr. Clare Gerada or Britain, 60 years-old, who also survived from coronavirus.

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