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7 After Meal Habits That Can Be Harmful To Your Body





Many people have a bit of spare time after eating their meal. While others use this moment to watch TV, listen to music, or catch up with family and friends, some have made a routine that could affect their health.

Here are 7 common habits that you should never do after eating because of its negative effects on your the body.

1. Smoking

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Smoking a cigarette after a meal is equivalent to 10 cigarettes and may increase the risk of lung and bowel cancer.

2. Eating fruits

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Although fruits are sometimes considered as desserts, eating them will actually cause your stomach to be bloated with air. Fruits are best to be consumed on an empty stomach.

3. Drinking tea

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Many believed that drinking a hot cup of tea after a meal could help digest the food faster. However, it is actually the complete opposite. It can also interfere with the absorption of iron.

4. Exercising

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You should always eat something before working out, so your body has enough fuel to power your system. However, when you exercise after a meal, the amount of blood is forced to allocate more to the muscles, resulting in insufficient blood to the digestive organ that will cause a tummy ache.

5. Taking a bath

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Showers increase the blood flow to the hands and lower parts of the body, and then reduce the quantity of blood that goes to the stomach. This habit will weaken the digestive system and may lead to stomach pain.

6. Walking or running

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While it can’t be denied that walking and running are healthy, doing so after eating an abundant meal can cause indigestion and discomfort.

7. Sleeping immediately

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Having a siesta or going to sleep after eating can lead to troublesome digestive symptoms because you’re not in an upright position, which is the preferred way for your body to digest food.

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