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45 Knockoff Fails That Are So Bad They’re Actually Hilarious

#1 and #8 are probably the funniest!


We’ve all seen them and we’ve all laughed at them. We’re talking about these blatant knockoff products!

Usually made in China, we’ve surely encountered some of these funny counterfeits with not-so-subtle names such as Abibas, Calvin Klain, Dolce & Banana, Niek, Rolax, and many others.

Technically, these products fall under piracy and are therefore illegal. So it’s somehow surpising to see how rampant they are in the market despite the fact that we have many existing laws opposing the selling and manufacturing of such products in the first place.

Of course, the catch here is that while they are sold much cheaper than original brands, these counterfeits obviously have substandard quality and purchasing them means supporting theft.

Check out these laughable knockoffs below and tell us what you think.

#1. Polo with a twist.
#2. That’s a lot of KFC wannabes.
#3. We all love Lion King and Star Wars but this his hideous!
#4. D’oh!
#5. Would Walter White approve?
#6. For the pessimistic athlete.
#7. North Fake. That’s so honest of them.
#8. Ass Jordan
#9. Have a break, have a WHAT?!
#10. Pretty spot on!
#11. Paw Concentration Camp?
#12. Okay, that logo looks suspiciously familiar.
#13. To be fair, this is kinda funny.
#14. Accurate description for that footwear.
#15. That went dark quickly…
#16. A sequel that will make you hungry.
#17. This looks very wrong.
#18. Defective Pikachu
#19. Move over, Windows. You’ve got new competition!
#20. Despicable indeed.
#21. The mash-up we didn’t see coming.
#22. Meanwhile, in the Philippines…
#23. I’d pick Oreo any day.
#24. Can’t decide which is the worse rip-off.
#25. Trans Boy. ‘Nuff said!
#26. As if Pizza Hot wasn’t enough.
#27. Because GameBoy is sexist? Damn!
#28. THAT’s not IT!
#29. Massive facepalm for this one.
#30. These unhappy Litte Ponies…
#31. Big Bong Theory
#32. Sinister-looking Pooh.
#33. Boy Deformation
#34. Literally spelled it out.
#35. Okay, we admit – this one is actually clever.
#36. You gotta try harder, China.
#37. Very interesting…
#38. Looks totally legit. NOT!
#39. This sounds like a bad daddy joke.
#40. Okay, that sounds pretty disturbing.
#41. That moment when you realized the slowest browser tried other business ventures.
#42. Everything about this game looks terrible.
#43. A singing contest for superheroes.
#44. Didn’t know KIA had airpods.
#45. Definitely not Garfield.

In a Bored Panda feature, we learn that 79% of all companies are affected by product piracy and that “more than half (51.66%) of all counterfeits come from China, but (some are) also produced in Southeast Asia (9.04%) and Eastern Europe (4.47%).”

The article further tells us that “the production costs in these countries are low due to the use of cheap source materials and poor working conditions.”


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