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100,000 Tons of 40-Year-Old Meat Seized in China… This is Disgusting!





We should eat nothing less than the freshest meat. Usually, we trust the quality of the meat that we buy from the market, thinking that no one could be so heartless as to sell old meat that can potentially harm our health.  But what if you found out that there’s not-so-fresh meat circling around your area and you could have already eaten it or served to your family? If you’re in China, then you’re in for some really bad news.

Chinese officials have caught meat-smuggling gangs bringing in rotten meat, with some reportedly frozen up to 40 years ago! Social media users have dubbed this as Zombie Meat, which was imported from Vietnam. Officials were able to seize a mind-boggling 100,000 tons of it. Among this alarming amount of meat, they discovered frozen pig trotters that they claim to be from the 70s and chicken wings from the 80s.  According to the officials, this was the work of more than 20 illegal gangs selling the meat across the country.



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40-year old chicken feet!


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Now you can only imagine the horrible health risks when you consume such meat. According to the Chinese customs, the smuggled meat had not been quarantined or inspected. The meat could be carriers of foot and mouth disease, bird flu, and mad cow disease.

Imagine the health risks from this disgusting pile of meat.


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What’s even worse is that these meat products have been transported using ordinary vans instead of refrigerated ones. The gangs were looking to cut delivery costs. Imagine the smell from the truck after a 12-hour journey.  These meat products are taken out of its original packaging, refrozen, and repacked so it can be sold to unsuspecting customers.

To be refrozen, repacked, and sold to unsuspecting customers.


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100,000 tons of rotten meat!


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This should be a grim reminder to all consumers, even to those outside China. You never know the type of goods that come across the market so always, always inspect products, especially perishable ones, before you buy them.

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