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30 Photos Showing People Taking Instructions Way Too Literally – And It’s Hilarious!





For the most part, the things we do revolve around instructions and rules given to us. But sometimes we tend to break the rules a bit and become more creative and imaginative enough to create new ones. For some people, however, following the rules is a must and when they do, they take it literally – way too literally.

Some people can be clever enough to follow instructions literally but there are those that are ridiculously stupid.

Below are photos showing how people can either stick to the rules or work around it.

#1. This guy nailed it.

Source: fojji
#2. Impressive strategy

Source: mic_harmony
#3. We’re going to die at some point.

Source: n4pth4
#4. “Generic surprise birthday party for my wife” — because that’s how she wanted it.

Source: karaoke99
#5. It’s what the customer wanted.

#6. Cover yourself, they said.

#7. Apparently, his wife asked him to take pictures of himself with the selfie stick. He obliged.

#8. Denise scores!!!

#9. This guy’s already on it.

Source: j0be
#10. Well, he’s not breaking any of the rules.

Source: othermike
#11. Poor Marc.

Source: mike_pants
#12. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you prepare pork and caramelized chestnut stuffing.

Source: panteloons
#13. Who cares about EULA? Apparently, not this guy.

Source: FoferJ
#14. She really stopped for the sign.

Source: TheDrCK
#15. Who would ever try using the brush instead of the paper???

#16. The guy who checked first definitely started it!

#17. Because there are no hats around, so why not?

Source: b3nk33n
#18. That’s a good one.

Source: KateMichelle
#19. Very creative.

#20. Happy Thanksgiving.

Source: Seely2593
#21. Kudos to this cat who never budged.

Source: Gorcsewi
#22. This woman asked for a Coach bag and she got it.

Source: amiesofants
#23. When you think about what to answer Starbucks and you say your name is “Uh…Kevin”

Source: YourMomsBoob
#24. No wonder it’s not working!

Source: Neontc
#25. “Happened to notice my neighbor’s car door open during a massive sleet storm…. she told me to mind my own business last time we talked.”

#26. Being too literal starts at a very young age.

Source: daltasuar
#27. Why isn’t it working???

#28. Flip the switch!

Source: watsole
#29. Know where to put your chewed gum.

Source: fleezie
#30. Way too literal.

Source: cherry601
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