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23 Misleading Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

#15 is extremely confusing.


As they always say, a picture can indeed be “worth a thousand words.” However, some photos can be very tricky and there are a lot out there that just need to be explained. Sometimes, you’ll see something confusing and so you’ll need to take a second look to really understand what’s going on.

And yes, we’re not even talking about crazy, Photoshopped images her.The fact is that there are a lot of odd photos out there that can definitely make people do a double take.

Case in point, you can go check out these 23 misleading photos and see for yourself:

1. Nope, that man is not sitting on the woman’s back.

2. A very muscular woman.

3. That’s one long kitty.

4. I guess centaurs are not mythical creatures after all!

5. When a bag looks like a beautiful sculpture.

6. A window to another world.

7. No, someone’s not holding a photograph.

8. Too much pot.

9. This would give a lot of people nightmares.

10. This photo is actually less risky than you think.

11. Would you be shocked to know that the guy is just actually lying on his back?

12. A 3D lawn shaped like a globe.

13. The spider isn’t that big.

14. Well, this is one tall and skinny building.

15. It took me a minute to figure this out. The rock is actually in the water.

16. Hugs are amazing, but this one is just confusing.

17. The man behind them has an incredibly long arm.

18. Mom and dad share a lot of things, including a body.

19. Thought he was an extremely sad person at first.

20. What a pretty girl. But we’re sure you’re not looking at her face.
21. These guys are not joined at the waist.

22. This baby doesn’t have the face of a grown man.

23. Thanks to the dark background, the woman’s head now appears to be too big for her body.


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