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23 of the Funniest and Wittiest Replies to Wrong Number Text Messages





Paraphrasing a classic quote, there are four things we can never get back in life – the stone after it is thrown, the word after it is said, the deed after it is done, and, of course, the text message after it is sent!

I guess it would be safe to say that everyone has received wrong number text messages one way or another. For the most part, many of us may have simply ignored the said messages and moved on with our lives, leaving the texter wondering why the person they texted never bothered to reply.

The people you will see below, however, took the time to respond to mistaken messages in very hilarious ways. Believe me – I spent minutes laughing as I read these!

Go scroll down and prepare to laugh away:

#1. “Took him long enough”

To be fair, that person has a point.

#2. Dr. Park, we need your help!

Source: reddit

They should probably hire her.

#3. We’re having a baby today.

Source: facebook

Now that turned out to be very heartwarming.

#4. Color me impressed!

Source: tumblr

Blue it is then.

#5. This had me laughing much. So hilarious!

Source: reddit

No words needed, man.

#6. Who is this?

Wait, what?!

#7. “I’ll meet you there…”

Source: reddit

That dog’s face cracks me up.

#8. Do I look like Jessica?

Short answer: no!

#9. “Yep. My bad.”

Nuff said lol!

#10. Talking about standards.

Could’ve just asked ‘who’s this.’

#11. Thanksgiving dinner.

Source: twitter

She’s probably the coolest grandmother ever!

#12. This texter just got grilled.

I LOL’d at George Foreman!

#13. “Come over tonight.”

Took you too long to ask, buddy!

#14. “Your boyfriend made me pregnant.”

Whoever Sam is, he’s sooo dead.

#15. “She gave you the wrong number.”

This is too funny!

#16. “I think you have the wrong number.”

Source: reddit

Yeah, probably.

#17. Well, that escalated quickly.

This has to be my favorite in this list.

#18. Call mom now!

Source: imgur

Thanks but no thanks for the hassle.

#19. I’m in love with you.

“Don’t let that stop you from loving me.”

#20. Wrong number but wait!

You are being selfish.

#21. Dorothy.

Source: reddit

Good times indeed!

#22. Another case of a girl giving a wrong number.

Source: reddit

“Still me, man!”

#23. Viva Fiesta!

Source: reddit

That is so spot on! LOL!

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