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21 WTF Moments That Will Make You Break Out in Cold Sweat





The world around us is crazy scary, no doubt about it. A lot of things can kill us and cause great pain. Or at the very least, bring us closer to a heart attack than a high fat, high cholesterol diet ever will.

Sometimes, the dangers of the world make us contemplate not stepping out the front door at all, only to remember our houses can be very perilous places, as well. So if you’re one of those people who staunchly believe in Murphy’s law, bad luck, or ghosts in the machines, stop right here and don’t read on.

Because these photos will send you straight into your worst nightmares:

#1. Like when a public conveyance suddenly gets hungry.

#2. When the murky depths below harbor creatures with the munchies.

Source: Imgur/Bem135
#3. Or when sometimes just the simple act of putting on your shoes can mean a painful death.

Source: Imgur
#4. Out of nowhere, you feel the scritch-scratch of tiny feet traversing your eyelids.

Source: Imgur
#5. This is reason why you dread getting your shots. Particularly with huge-ass needles.

#6. Or falling backwards into ginormous earth navels with no edge to grab on to for dear life.

Source: Imgur
#7. Especially if your safety harness is clearly “Made in China.”

Source: Imgur
#8. Don’t even think of crossing the street. Any street.
#9. Above the streets isn’t safe either. How would you even stand up to get off the edge?

Source: Imgur
#10. There are no tranquil waters anywhere in the world. Not for you.

#11. Especially if this sight meets you as your boat (tries) to hurdle a swell.

Source: Imgur

Had enough cardiac arrest triggers yet?


Then soldier on, brave soul…

#12. This makes getting your eyeballs shaved seem like a walk in the park.

#13. When multiple savings on economy seats equals economy safety features, as well.

Source: Imgur
#14. Sure, heights don’t faze you. But then you sneeze.

#15. And you don’t even know what might greet you in the great beyond.

Source: Imgur
#16. Nowhere. Is. Safe. So hide while you still can. Uh…

#17. Because even the strongest of metal bridges have downsides.

Source: Imgur
#18. So calm yourself down with a refreshing drink.

Source: Imgur
#19. And don’t let snake eggs in your shrimp paste get you into a hiss-y fit.

#20. Because no matter how much wriggly slime crawls your way…

Source: Imgur
#21. …you can always flip the whole vicious world off, you ick-proof warrior, you.

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