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Around 22 Million Students Go Back To School After Vietnam Lifts Lockdown




  • Schools have now reopened their doors after Vietnam implemented a 3-month lockdown due to the coronavirus pandeic.
  • Students and teachers are now required to wear face masks and use sanitizers in the classrooms.
  • So far, the country has only reported a total of 271 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 0 deaths.

After three long months, Vietnam has finally lifted its restrictions and now life is starting to return to normal for its citizens. In fact, schools have again open its doors to welcome their students.

According to CNN, majority of the country’s 22 million students have returned to their classes after the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted. The article further tells us that majority of the schools have “rearranged desks while others had to consider dividing classes into smaller ones.”

The present challenge for schools: how to keep social distancing measures.

As expected by many, the schools are having a hard time keeping the recommended 1-meter distance among learners while trying to address the “shortage of teachers and classrooms,” the report pointed out.

This is the new normal in Vietnam…

In some cases, schools had to tweak their class schedules while others took advantage of available resources such as online and televised learning.

Teachers and students are also required to wear face masks. In some schools, anti-droplet face shields are even worn.

Nhi Dong Primary School students have even been photographed wearing face shields, although Principal Le Thanh Hung clarified “it’s up to the students to wear the shield or not.”

Watch this video report by SCMP to learn more:

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Vietnam has become one of the countries in Asia that has met success in battling the coronavirus. As of May 6, 2020, they have only recorded 271 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 232 recoveries.

So far, they have had 0 coronavirus deaths in the country.

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