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22 Examples of “Modern” Architecture That Were Probably Built Without Planning

Where did all of the planning go? SMH!






It takes skill and an amazing mind to create the beautiful structures that we have today. Similarly, it also takes rash decisions and no planning to screw up a design – just like the construction workers behind these “modern” buildings. You have to wonder how these people conceived the idea and started with the work.

Can these buildings and structures be safely used every day? You also have to wonder, will they last for long? You be the judge. Check out the photos below.

#1. Is that even stable?

You would also wonder if the guy who made this house was someone who worked in vulcanizing shops long enough to have collected tires that can no longer be used by vehicles.

#2. Talk about maximizing space.

#3. This building is trying to defy the law of physics.

#4. That’s one steep climb a person would have to make to get to the second floor.

#5. Guys who did this just didn't mind about gravity.

#6. This door could lead to a place that's out of this world.

Or it could be one of the doors from the animated movie “Monsters, Inc.”

#7. Stare at the wall for a good ten minutes. . . .

And maybe you’ll get inner peace… or a headache.

#8. That's some very interesting pipework.

#9 This stairs will just lead you on.

#10. This is why you should always bring toilet paper with you.

#11. You can feel the construction worker's anguish in this piece of work.

#12. Clearly, this is not a staircase or an attempt at building one.

It’s actually a sculpture about time travel.

#13. Life is so complicated.

#14. This isn't a prison, is it?

#15. You really have to wonder "where did all of the planning go?"

#16. This exemplifies masochism, don't you think?

#17. The stairway to heaven is under construction.

#18. No, this is not a ramp. It shows an abstract painting.

#19. This tilework is every anal person's worst nightmare.

#20. A new perspective to the buzzers.

#21. Abstract basketball, anyone?

#22. Whoever built this must be a genius!


Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Refuses To Get Married In a Hilarious Argument With Dad

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Children are always perky, carefree and sometimes even too smart for their age. You can add the fact that they are also very honest and funny--traits that make them just as adorable and worth emulating.

They remind us so much about our own childhood--when we always have answers or opinions to anything, without hesitation or any fear of judgment at all. Pretty much like how this 'honest-to-goodness' little fellow pulled off an argument with his dad in a rather cute and hilarious manner.

This little fellow pulled off an argument with his dad in a rather cute and hilarious manner.

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25 Do-It-Yourself Fails That are Impossibly Hilarious

Expectations vs. reality.




Do-it-yourself projects have become popular lately, thanks to websites that offer step-by-step instructions on how to create masterpieces from cheap or old materials. We don't see anything wrong with that. Actually, we think that DIY projects are really cool and are bursting with creativity.

However, there are times when our projects, which are often very much looked forward to, do not end up exactly how we planned regardless of the amount of effort that we put into it. Maybe we didn't follow instructions as scrupulously as we should have, or maybe, just maybe, our best just wasn't enough.

Out of those people who have tried to craft awesome and innovative stuff, many may have succeeded, but many still have a long way to go. So, do not fret if you have attempted to create DIY projects but miserably failed for you are not alone in this world.

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Because of smartphones and social media, hiding embarrassing moments has become extremely difficult. Just imagine this: you make one tiny mistake and then everyone whips out their phones to take some snaps and then uploads it online for the world to see, making it totally impossible for you to escape the consequences of your blunder.

The feeling must be terrible, right? Well, we can ask the people on the photos below who not only had their errors exposed to their friends but achieved viral fame (or shame?) because of it.

Scroll down below and see the most epic embarrassments caught on camera:

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