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2016 International Drone Photography Contest Announced Amazing Shots of the Winners

Amazing drone shots of the International Drone Photography Contest winners.

Kathrina Ysabel Pineda





The third annual International Drone Photography Contest of Dronestagram announced its winners for this year.

Drone photography, from what started out as a novelty, has made its breakthrough as a professional and serious practice by photographers.

To celebrate lovers of this type of photography, Dronestagram made a page to showcase magnificent aerial shots that are truly eye-catching.

In partnership with National Geographic, the annual contest, International Drone Photography, was joined by more than 6,000 participants who showcased their breathtaking aerial shots using their drones. Professional photographers and amateur drone enthusiasts alike from all over the globe entered the said contest.

The contest was split into three categories namely Travel, Nature/Wildlife, and Sports/Adventure. Winners who met the criteria of creativity and photographic quality were chosen by a panel of judges amongst thousands of entries.

Winners get to take home prize packages that include features on the NatGeo website, drones worth around $1400, GoPro cameras, professional prints, and other photo-related swag.

The panel of experts, including National Geographic Deputy Director Patrick Witty as well as Emanuela Ascoli, Photo editor of National Geographic France and Dronestagram,out of the 28 countries, and thousands of submissions, came up with the decision of who the winners would be and these were the ones who came out on top:

3rd Prize for Travel Category: Summer Camp of Gran Canaria by Karolis Janulis


2nd Prize Winner for Travel Category: Cable Beach by Todd Kennedy


Source: Todd Kennedy
1st Prize Winner for Travel Category: Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Umbria, Italy by fcattuto


Source: fcattuto
3rd Prize Winner for Nature Wildlife Category: Piton de la fournaise, Volcano by Jonathan Paye


2nd Prize Winner for Nature Wildlife Category: Swarm of sheep by Szabolcs Ignacz


1st Prize Winner for Nature Wildlife Category: Kalbyris forest Denmark by Mbernholdt


Source: Mbernholdt
3rd Prize Winner for Sports Adventure Category: Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska by High Angle Shot


2nd Prize Winner for Sports Adventure Category: Complejo Acuático Norte de Santander by losmanesdeldrone


1st Prize Winner for Sports Adventure Category: Moab Rock Climbing by Maxseigal


Source: Maxseigal

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