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20 Signs That Prove Stupidity Is Still Everywhere These Days

These signs are either made by dumb people or for dumb people.


With all the advanced technology and modern innovations easily available at our fingertips, you’d think people living in the world today are much, much smarter than those who existed, say, a hundred or so years ago.

That is, unfortunately, not the case.

These 20 hilarious photos we’ve compiled below will show you that stupidity is very much alive in our days. The signs are all around us – like literally! Either these signs are made by dumb people or for dumb people. Or probably both, who are we kidding here!

Go scroll down and prepare to have a good laugh:

#1. As if dying wasn’t enough, you’d even have to be fined for it.

#2. Somebody is confused.

#3. Who the heck needs to be reminded about this?

#4. Doesn’t take rocket science to figure this one out…

Source: pinterest
#5. I wonder if he still has his job.

Source: pinterest
#6. We must be closed!

Source: deviantart
#7. Nice name!

#8. Dertour!

Source: twitter
#9. Sorry but it’s a dead end for you, buddy.

Source: photobucket
#10. The importance of aposthrophes and spaces.

Source: funnymos
#11. Gotta love how the bridge became an afterthought.

Source: maniacworld
#12. Some English master you must be!

Source: ragezone
#13. You have been duly warned.

#14. Now you know.

Source: ivman
#15. You naughty dentist!

Source: guzer
#16. “Look it’s a sale! Oh, nevermind…”

Source: 1funny
#17. A friendly reminder about cat milk.

Source: chan4chan
#18. Wait, what?

Source: ebaumsworld
#19. So gross!

Source: smosh
#20. Retailing bliss.

Ever spotted any funny signs in your area lately? Please feel free to share the laughs with us!


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