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15 Funny Internet Posts That Are Truly Cringe-Worthy

We dare you not to laugh or do a facepalm at these epic internet fails!

Mika Castro





Let’s admit it, at one point or another we all had those moments wherein we’re not in our brightest mindset. After all it is said that to err is human. However, those featured in this compilation of the funniest (and some cringe-worthy) internet fails take their embarrassment to a whole new level by broadcasting it in social media.

Take a look and we dare you not to laugh or do a facepalm!

15. I just hope she found out this info soon enough


Photo credit: Imgur/Blaxiegirl
14. Apparently, there are many cities of Paris scattered throughout the country…

the funny beaver

Photo credit: The Funny Beaver
13. And that girls, is how you turn off a viable guy with a sense of humor


Photo credit:
12. Wow the US president “Barraco Barner” has been in office for how many years and some people call him Obama…


Photo credit:
11. I don’t know where to cringe first, the spelling or the brattiness of this kid


Photo credit:
10. Well at least he figured it out in the end..


Photo credit: ViralNova
9. Well we’re clear she meant escalator… sadly I can’t think of any justification for this 😛


Photo credit: ViralNova
8. The animal taxonomy sure can be a confusing thing… but I hope she knows humans aren’t reptiles too.

much viral so viral

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They say asking questions make you smarter… but what if the questions are like these?

7. It’s so hard to distinguish sarcasm, trolling and sheer ignorance in the internet these days…


Photo credit: imgur (user: jaykay3)
6. Okaaaaaay too much info from this soon-to-be-dad. And guessing on this cluelessness I betcha he’s a teenage dad :/


Photo credit:

While there are some who perhaps should have just kept their thoughts and comments to themselves…

5. They were too busy following Rose and Jack to help…”Promise you won’t let go Rose… that no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.. you’ll never let go” “I’ll never let go Jack” Yes this fangirl has the lines memorized 😛


4. Thanks Captain Obvious, you must be fun at parties. Like really fun, like Hitler fun!


3. I must say the person’s passion against animal rights is pretty impressive, albeit misdirected though 😛


Photo credit:
2. Well the licorice panties were quite well-made… and she only wore it for an hour. Maybe it’s kinda like the 5-minute rule on food dropped on the floor?


Photo credit:
1. Well.. humankind, this is quite embarassingly funny how lots of people don’t understand what a COUNTRY is or “NO LETTER A”. ALso spot the random VIGINA 😛


Photo credit:

Well we hope everybody’s been a good sport reading this compilation. May this serve as a reminder that some of our worst (and funniest) booboos on the internet can spread like wildfire. Who knows that epic fail moment may be the next viral post! Hope this made you smile.

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