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20 Funny Photos Of Dogs Begging For Food

How can you say “no” to these adorable faces?






Dogs love their treats, but they also want to try what their human is eating. Just imagine sitting there, chewing on something inedible, and then a strong savory smell just hit you right in the face — so what would you do?

If you’re a dog, then the easiest thing to do is to come up to your human and let them know that you’re interested in trying out the food as well. Here are 20 funny photos of dogs begging for food that you just can’t say no to.

1. This dog wants food so much that he’s not himself anymore.

2. It was probably worth it.

3. When the human attempts to eat in peace.

4. Pizza made me do it!

The dog owner shared:

“He started barking at the door, when I got up to look outside, he ran back and stole a slice of my pizza. No one was at the door.”

5. If this isn’t talent, then I don’t know what is.

6. Daydreaming.

7. Teaching a baby how to beg for food.

8. Feed me, human!

“He likes to walk his bowl around the coffee table so we can see how empty it is.”

9. Is it dinner yet?

10. When it took for the human to realize that the dog was begging for food that they fell asleep.

11. Baseball is boring; food is everything.

“It was ‘bring your dog night’ at the Seattle Mariners game last night. He stared at me the whole time like this.”

12. Pizza, please?

13. Stop laughing and give me food.

14. Is this “sit” good enough for a pancake?

15. I love hotdogs THIS much!

16. “My dog begging for food. He thinks he’s a ninja.”

I believe he is a ninja!

17. Good. You got our favorite!

18. Must. Eat. Cheese.

19. The look of betrayal.

20. “Why my dog won’t eat his dinner.”

Got the perfect begging pose sorted!

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