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20 Epic Fail Snaps that will Tell You to be a Little Extra Careful Next Time

The next time you are getting drunk, make sure there’s no camera around or a mirror 😉

Embarrassment is something that could happen to every person once in a while. You trip, you fall, everything happens for a reason, but you know, you have to stand-up and redeem yourself.

But, what if the awkward situation you are into is somehow self-imposed? Or because you are overly drunk and not thinking straight? Or you think that there’s no camera around to catch your fail acts?

Just like these 20 snaps that will show you how epic an epic situation can be. ‘Cause you know, shit really happens at times and you have to be extra careful next time.

1. Just what exactly this girl is doing to herself?


She might be pretending that she’s too drunk and got chips spill all over her face, but the mirror says it all.

2. That awkward moment when you don’t know what to do.


3. When you’re feeling sexy but the pole is feeling weak.


4. Is she trying to pee in the sink? Or too drunk to pull up her undies?


5. When Jimmy Fallon is keeping his cool.


6. That face of excruciating pain. Ouch!


7. When the good night turned into a bloody disgusting situation, literally.


8. But first, a family selfie.


9. He grabbed a wrong butt, or the woman grabbed a wrong husband.


10. Oopps, this might be the most embarrassing moment.


11. He might be reading something too serious in Playboy. Let the man be.


12. He might be looking for a rare Pokemon.


13. When he didn’t make it in the bathroom, but managed to pose for this photo.


14. Looks like a big catch.


15. Too sleepy and drunk to notice.


16. Oopps, you’re in candid camera.


17. Torn between running away and staying in service.


18. ‘Cause he perfectly wants to feel the stroke of the fresh air on his body.


19. The four-word sad story. No One To Kiss.


20. This might look comical, but this is definitely an accident. Can anybody help him?




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