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20 Artistic Solutions To Help You Fix Broken Stuff





While there is always the temptation for most of us to throw broken stuff away or to immediately call the experts and pay for repairs, those shouldn’t always be the case. In some instances, a little creativity will be all you need to give broken objects a new life.

To give you an idea, we are featuring 20 brilliant solutions that will truly impress you much. Personally, I’m mesmerized by #1 and I’m blown away by #8!

Go scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. Broken birdbath.

Source: meandmydiy

Using some recycled DVDs, the birdbath looks much better now!

#2. This car was bumped by a truck.

Source: boredpanda

If you’ve got some sick drawing skills, then this should do the trick.

#3. Broken flower pots.

Source: reddit

You can transform them into DIY fairy gardens instead.

#4. Kid’s wall drawing.

Source: boredpanda

Can’t erase your kid’s wall drawings? Do this instead!

#5. Broken walls.

Source: janvormann

Everything looks cooler with Lego.

#6. Hole on the wall.

Source: reddit

Give that hole an artistic fix.

#7. Torn couch.

Source: boredpanda

A lace will make that torn couch look more elegant.

#8. Wall got busted because of water damage.

Source: reddit

Cowabunga, dude!

#9. Broken mug.

Source: flickr

Polymer clay made it better.

#10. Wall cracks.

Source: boredpanda

Crystallized geode installations will give your wall a trippy vibe.

#11. Broken wood furniture.

Source: boredpanda

Using translucent materials, these broken chairs now look part-invisible.

#12. Cracked wall.

Just draw some camel silhouettes and you’ll be all set.

#13. Ruined heels.

Source: wobisobi

Who knew glitters could be a great solution for damaged heels?

#14. Potholes.

Source: boredpanda

Meanwhile in Chicago, potholes have become cool ice cream mosaics.

#15. Car damage.

Source: boredpanda

As cool as those Ninja Turtles on the wall.

#16. Broken wall.

Source: facebook

Old books were used by Andrey Syaylev, a Russian urban interventionist, to fix library walls.

#17. Broken doors.

Source: oakoak

Kinda looks creepy tho!

#18. Chipped and pitted sidewalk.

Source: behance

Intricate patterns will make chipped sidewalks look classy.

#19. Cracked iPhone.

Source: reddit

All you’ll need are some good old highlighters.

#20. Graphics card holder.

Source: reddit

Best graphics card holder ever!

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