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19-Year Old Man Marries 72-Year Old Woman Just 2 Weeks After Meeting Her





If Cupid is true, then he is truly one mischievous being. History is filled with tales about pairings of very unlikely couples and certainly, the love story between 19-year old Gary Hardwick and 72-year old grandma Almeda Errell is one fine example.

This beautiful couple from Maryville, Tennessee cites true love and deep connection as the reasons why they decided to tie the knot just two weeks after a whirlwind romance. Teenager Hardwick first met Errell, who is 53 years his senior, at a party and he was instantly attracted to the gorgeous woman.

Fortunately, the attraction was mutual.

Source: YouTube

Gary loved Almeda’s blue eyes and happy disposition while the latter is impressed by his neat looks. So the lovestruck pair continued to see each other every night for two weeks. In a span of just fourteen days, Gary was so certain he found the love of his life and proposed marriage.

They are indeed one happy couple

Others may find this tale hard to believe but the young man claims it was love at first sight. Furthermore, the strong chemistry and great connection between the two is undeniable. Gary said that he has always been drawn to women older than him while Almeda is sure she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Age is definitely just a number for Gary and Almeda.

At first, people close to Gary and Almeda may have been surprised with their decision to stay together. At the same time, the two seem lucky enough to be surrounded by people who supported their union. And if others may frown at this odd pairing, it will hardly matter.

Looks like Gary and Almeda found true love!

Source: PA Real Life

To know more about this interesting couple, you can follow their official channel on YouTube.