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19 Outrageous Instructions You’re Glad You Bothered To Read

This ridiculous instructions will surely make you laugh.

Do you like reading and following instruction manuals? Most people don’t, especially if they know that they’re just simple directions for simple, everyday things. I’m sure you don’t need a guide on how to use a common shampoo or soap, right?

Well, think again. Maybe the manufacturers of these following products wanted to add a little humor for marketing purposes, or maybe they just wanted to know if people really bother to read the labels.

Whatever the case is, I’m glad that they were able to make me laugh. And I’m pretty sure that you will too once you read these 19 ridiculous instructions!

#1. This sounds like fun!


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#2. Very wise words…


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#3. Poor Iguana


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#4. A moment of silence please…


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#5. They gain superpowers during bath time?


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#6. Who in the right mind would do this?


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#7. What is it with men and asking for directions?


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#8. Uh, this is a shirt, but thanks for the advice


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#9. Guilty!


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#10. Wait, w-hat? We can have more than one?


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#11. Yes! It is highly recommended!


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#12. Uh-oh…remind me not to buy this…what is it anyway?


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#13. I’ll keep that in mind


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#14. Trying washing it just for fun


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#15. Haha! I can definitely relate to that!


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#16. Great piece of advice, especially for smoke grenades, huh?


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#17. But it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially if you have abs!


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#18. Do what?!


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#19. For best results?


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Oh, that’s why…


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