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18 Very Satisfying Before And After Cleaning Photos

#14 looks divine.






Cleaning can be boring and could take a lot of time. And since we would rather do other activities than being stuck in one place for a long time, we often end up saying that we will start cleaning tomorrow, the next day, the next week, etc.

But once you’re finally in the mood to clear up all the clutter, the results are absolutely amazing. Here are 18 before and after cleaning photos that can make you feel extremely satisfied.

1. Depression can definitely hold you back in doing stuff, including cleaning. But sometimes cleaning can be very therapeutic.

2. Someone finally decided to wash the garden bench after 16 years.

3. Who knew wires could look this good!

This is not only very satisfying to look at, but it could actually save you from a lot of wiring accidents.

4. “That’s what my kitchen looks like when my husband is out of town vs right before he comes back.”

5. When you finally washed your stairs and everybody thought you got a new one.

6. When you realized that you’re the genie after cleaning a lamp.

7. Although the beginning is hard, always remember that the ending is all worth it.

8. Sometimes you don’t need to install new bricks, you just have to wash the existing ones.

9. When you finally realized that you didn’t purchase a green table after all.

10. Looks like brand new car!

11. Before and after in one photo.

12. So the green thing is not a paint?

13. If you think you cleaned everything up – think again.

14. When you have been living in the house of your dreams all this time.

This is so beautiful!

15. Five days of hard work.

16. “4 hours, 2 movies later — I finally cleaned my room.”

Was the cat under the pile of clothing the whole time?

17. This amount of sorting takes a lot of courage.

18. Some people are just born to love cleaning.

This person took cleaning to a whole new level.

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Floating Pipe ‘Wilson’ To Start Collecting Plastics In The Pacific Ocean

This is such an amazing idea!




A floating pipe called "Wilson" is slated to begin its mission to clean the Pacific Ocean from plastics. Last month, Ocean Cleanup Foundation launched the 2,000 foot-long floating pipe from San Francisco.

The apparatus will help get rid of plastics and other debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located between San Francisco and Hawaii. The U-shaped pipe is reportedly more than twice the size of Texas.

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Elderly McDonald’s Worker Receives $69K In Donations After Wife Passes Away In Restaurant

A beautiful story of friendship, generosity, and rising above tragedy.

Nobelle Borines



It's truly amazing when an entire community decides to work together to help someone in need. An elderly McDonald's worker has just received $69,000 in online donations to help pay for his debts. It's an incredible show of generosity that happened just two months after the employee's wife passed away in the same restaurant he's worked in for 40 years.

Wendall Gill has been making customers smile at the McDonald's in Lexington, Kentucky for several years. Unfortunately, the 85-year-old worker was hit with tragedy in September. Gill's wife Della visited him at the restaurant so they could eat lunch together. Della went to the bathroom, where she suffered an aneurysm and passed away. Now Gill's customers are the ones who are working to bring his smile back.

This man is helping his elderly friend in the best way possible.

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12 Fascinating Facts About The Queen’s Guards

#7 is too hard.




If you've ever been to Buckingham Palace, you've probably noticed the armed guards wearing the bearskin caps standing sentry. These aren't your average security guards roaming through shopping malls; they are the Queen's Guards.

The British royal family has captured the curiosity of many people, including the stoic soldiers who guard Her Majesty. Here are 12 things you never knew about the Queen’s Guards.

1. Those guns aren’t usually loaded.

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