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17 Hilarious Posts About Valentine’s Day All Single People Will Definitely Relate To





Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so expect a barrage of sweet posts and tweets on social media. Sure, it’s such a fun and romantic occasion for love birds, with all those candle-lit dinners, bouquets of flowers, surprise gifts, and renewed love vows. Oh, those saccharine moments with a significant other are such unforgettable ones.

Yeah, yeah, you have a date on February 14, we get it. So sweet. Have fun while we, single people, can go eat a tub of chocolate ice cream all by ourselves while watching sappy movies. No need to rub salt in a fresh, bleeding wound.

Since single people might not be expecting romantic gifts, we’ll try to do that part this early. So to all the single people out there whose February 14 appointment calendar is as immaculate as a newly painted white wall, here is a collection of funny posts that you surely will be able to relate to:

1. Let’s purge.

2. Real talk.

3. He’s right, man.

4. That best-before date.

5. May the odds be in your favor.

6. The sweetest poem ever.

7. That February romance.

8. Nothing beats the bed.

9. Heed this expert advice.

10. Not me, either.

11. This is plain genius.

Source: TheEllenShow
12. Best time to buy chocolates for self.

13. Tired of PDA?

14. An accurate graph.

15. Can’t help but get mixed emotions, huh.

16. Victory is ours!

17. Guess that’s a no.

Well, what can we say? It’s better to look at singlehood as a gift rather than a curse, right? So to all single people out there, let us all take this golden opportunity to fully love ourselves and rediscover who we truly are. That way, when the time comes that we meet someone worthy of our time, attention, and love, we’d be more than ready.

For now, hand me that tub of chocolate ice cream.

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