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Teenager Gets 16 Dachshunds To Pose Perfectly Lined Up In Pairs

The pups were happy to pose for the picture because he had a secret weapon!

  • A teenager who owns 16 Dachshunds has proven that it’s possible to get all of the rowdy pups to pose for a pretty picture.
  • The 19-year-old was challenged by a friend to take a photo of his dogs lined up on the stairs.
  • Amazingly, it only took him 10 minutes to get the picture because he had a secret weapon!

Taking care of several rowdy puppies can be a daunting task. However, a teenager has proven that you can still get numerous hyperactive dogs to behave. He took a photo of his 16 Dachshunds posing perfectly as he lined them up in pairs.

19-year-old Liam Beach and his family are the proud owners of 16 Dachshunds who compete in dog shows. Although it might sound like having more than 10 sausage dogs can be difficult, the Rhondda, South Wales resident proved that the pups can behave long enough to pose for a pretty picture. When a friend challenged Liam that he couldn’t get all the Dachshunds to pose for a photo, he immediately took up on the dare and all he needed was a surprising little tool.

Look at how well-behaved they all are!

It all started when Liam’s friend claimed that the dogs wouldn’t sit long enough to take a photo on the stairs. According to the teen, a friend named Catherine said she’ll give him a box of chocolates if he was able to do it.

Liam took the challenge and amazingly, it didn’t take him too long to get the dogs’ amazing picture.

“She set me that task on Friday morning and 10 minutes later I had the photo. It took me eight minutes in total,” Liam said.

The Dachshunds compete in dog shows when they aren’t posing for photos.

So how did he manage to do it? Liam revealed that he only needed a squeaky ball to catch the dogs’ attention and the rest was history.

The Dachshunds are named Lottie, Daisy, Dudley, Wallie, Diamond, Ruby, Benjie, Buster, Bonnie, Ziggy, Sammy, Kizzy, Kiki, Zac, Duke and Saffie. Liam says that his family loves the picture of the dogs and are planning to have it framed.


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