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15 Warning Labels Made Specifically for Stupid People

Because sometimes, you can never give too much instructions.


Warning signs exist for a very good reason. The weird thing is, while majority would follow these signs, there are still some dummies out there who would do insane things that would hurt themselves or others and just basically cause stress.

I guess that’s why, these warning labels have had to go to the extreme just to make sure that their message is clear and that everyone’s safety remains a priority.

Here are some of craziest warning signs you’ll ever see:

15. Underwear instructions

Source: Imgur

To even think of having instructions on how to put on your underwear is unthinkable but apparently, it is necessary for some people.

14. Surprise! Peanuts contain nuts


We didn’t see that one coming. Of course, people with allergic reactions to nuts must know that any form of contact with peanuts can lead them to adverse reactions, even cause possible death. So, for a grocery to go through the effort of doing this, must mean someone stupid doesn’t know that peanuts contain nuts.

13. Rogue seagulls


We’re used to seeing signs that read, “Do not feed the animals” but this cake shop had to be specific because it seems like our winged friends had the nasty habit of snatching pastries from the customers.

12. Above water only


To even instruct people on how and where to breathe is crazy, but this is true. Kids, remember you’re human sand not amphibians. Only fish and other marine life can breathe under water. You can’t.

11. Stay out of the washer


Washing machines are made for your clothes. So to even try and put a person inside is bizarre. You don’t get clean just by jumping into the spinner just in case you think that will happen.

10. For the curled up look

Why anyone would even think of using a hair straightening iron on the eyelashes is beyond us but there are people who would so this warning label is just perfect. Girls, please don’t use a hair iron on your eyes. It’s absolutely dangerous!

9. You can die

Okay, the sign might be a bit confusing seeing that if you touch it you die so how do you pay the fine, right? Then again, it’s a pretty good way to make sure that people actually don’t touch the wires.

8. Cardboard dinner


Pizza delivery is awesome. But if you’re too drunk or too hungry, it’s a great reminder to open the box first instead of eating the cardboard, too.

7. Cat milk is not what you think


It’s better to be clear than wrong about the source of the milk, right? Just to clarify, Whiskas Cat Milk is not from cats but are for cats, and most definitely, not for human consumption. Leave this bottle of milk to your furry feline pets.

6. Pigeon fingers

Source: Blogspot

We repeat, wild birds who keep begging for food outside carnivals and restaurants must never be fed. They become more aggressive and if you dare try give them food, you might lose a finger in the process.

5. Burning shirt


It’s a pretty easy process to follow: Iron your wrinkled shirt first, let it cool, and then wear the clothing. Never do you wear the shirt first and iron it while the clothing is on you. You risk burning yourself when you do.

4. Don’t insert it where?

Source: ThatCaption

We’ll give it you straight: Small screwdrivers are not for inserting in penises or even vaginas for that matter. Because, really, you just don’t. Okay?

3. Ass hat


A hat, no matter what it’s called, is only for the head. No more, no less. Agree?

2. Shower cleaner body wash


Just because you see bubbles on the cover, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a body cleanser already. Best to warn members of the household in case they mistake it for body wash.

1. Swallowing hangers

Why anyone would even dare try to swallow a hanger is crazy. They don’t fit inside a person’s mouth but apparently, someone bold enough to try actually ate a hanger that the people at Morellis Cleaners had to come up with this warning label.

What about you? Ever seen a warning label that’s so crazy? Share them with us in the comments section.


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