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15 People Who Failed To Fight the Urge

“Girl, Ima have to call you back!”

Opportunity, as they say, only knocks once. So when it does finally knock, you just got to grab it, right? Well if you’ll ask the people below, they’d definitely answer a loud “yes”! The funny photos we’ve compiled here will show you people who stumbled upon the perfect opportunity and totally made sure they didn’t miss their chance!

From a girl staring at a guy’s abs to a dad who couldn’t help but reference an old Michael Jackson song when he spots a Smooth Caramel jar, and everything else in between – these are 15 hilarious people who failed to fight the urge and we love them for it!

#1. She just had to do the pose. She just had to!

Source: reddit

I don’t know why I spent minutes laughing at this.

#2. If I were the teacher, I’d give this student an A.

Source: twitter

I mean the symbols are spot on!

#3. Girl, Ima have to call you back!

Source: reddit

Just look at that face lol!

#4. We’re all dead!

Source: reddit

Whoever did this is rude – and funny as heck.

#5. Rules are made to be broken.

Source: reddit

And he broke each of them at the same time.

#6. He found a mirror split in two – so he took a selfie.

Source: reddit

Earthlings, we come in peace.

#7. Wow you got a new car!

Source: instagram


#8. Y’all disrespectful asf!

Source: rebrn

Her granny would probably laugh along tho.

#9. He simply couldn’t resist!

Source: reddit

Michelangelo would approve.

#10. Some art enthusiasts staring at this…

Source: twitter

I’ll never understand modern art.

#11. The fun you can have with Homebrew.

Source: reddit

I’d do the same in a heartbeat.

#12. This dad just had to reference Michael Jackson.

Source: twitter

That joke was smooth.

#13. Why in the world would someone swim with a goat?

Source: twitter

Well why the heck not, right?

#14. Guy wanted a photo as close as possible.

Almost ended up being croc food!

#15. As you wish!

Source: twitter

Proper spelling is important, folks.

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