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15 Hilarious Brand Imitations That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Brand piracy is bad. Actually, it’s even a crime. Still, these knockoff products are very funny!

Brand piracy has always been a huge problem in the business world – especially for brands that market their products across the globe. It robs them of potential earnings and confuses their buyers. Besides, counterfeit products look almost identical with what

Author Robert Tönnis defines “brand piracy” as “unauthorized usage of protected brand names, labels, designs or description of trade.” Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Cartier, Levi Strauss, and Lacoste are some of the popular brands that are all too often victimized by pirates. These companies lose big chunks of revenue because of counterfeiters who sell similar-looking products which are cheaper. The catch? Well, the non-authetic products are obviously inferior in terms of quality.

Of course, it’s an open secret that China is among the top countries that produce knock-off stuff. They have the capacity to manufacture since they are often commissioned by companies from different countries. As you will see on the pictures below though, China is not alone in creating and patronizing imitations.

Still, I couldn’t help but chuckle in delight as I recently saw these photos of counterfeited brands. Sure, piracy is a serious concern but I can’t stop laughing with how ridiculous and hilarious these copycats are.

You really have to see it to get what I mean. So feel free to scroll down and I’m sure you will be cracking up soon enough.

1. An obscene version of the popular franchise.

funny-rand-imitation 1

Photo credit: liuzhou
2. Perhaps a minion owns this business.

funny-rand-imitation 2

Photo credit: Jose López
3. Michaelsoft. Binbows. How epic can you get?

funny-rand-imitation 3

Photo credit: Captain_Starmada
4. Just do it, Mike!

funny-rand-imitation 4

Photo credit: unknown
5. Johnnie Worker. Nuff said!

funny-rand-imitation 5

Photo credit: unknown
6. So S is actually not for Super? Mindblown!

funny-rand-imitation 6

Photo credit: unknown
7. Exploring new business fields, eh?

funny-rand-imitation 7

Photo credit: Scholeskjaer
8. They should've called it iShoes or something.

funny-rand-imitation 8

Photo credit: sam_jam
9. Where the customers are king.

funny-rand-imitation 9

Photo credit: zamza
10. Ironically, the store doesn't accept cards.

funny-rand-imitation 10

Photo credit: Gagventures
11. Now this toy is no longer exclusively for boys.

funny-rand-imitation 11

Photo credit: zeekyboy
12. Not Puma. Look closely!

funny-rand-imitation 12

Photo credit: Happy Tinfoil Cat
13. Well, at least they spelled coffee right (unlike #1).

funny-rand-imitation 13

Photo credit: Avery
14. Explorer has given up their browser to produce sunscreens instead.

funny-rand-imitation 14

Photo credit: imgur
15. A Nintendo and Sony lovechild.

funny-rand-imitation 15

Photo credit: unknown

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