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13 Hilarious Ad Slogans That Will Make You Look Twice





It’s not easy being a copywriter. For the most part, their job is to come up with catchy ads that entice customers towards their client’s services or products. When done right, creating witty one-liners can spark positive interest on any brand.

Well, it really has to be done right. Otherwise, the ads will just be ignored by the target market.

In this case, however, these bad slogans are getting a lot of public attention but for all the wrong reasons. Some have found them to be very tasteless and offensive. While others shrug it off and consider them plainly amusing.

Whether these are intentional or not, we’re sure you’d have a good laugh with these double entendre-laced ads. These one-liners are so bad they’d actually make you look twice.

Check out the pictures below:

Of course, they had to insist it’s 100% coconut water.

funny-ad-slogans 1

Photo credit: reddit
Well, this may not be the best way to invite people to your soccer games!

funny-ad-slogans 2

Photo credit: reddit
Aside from the product’s funny name, we can’t help but look at the two yellow M&Ms below the sign. Like what the heck are they doing?

funny-ad-slogans 3

Photo credit: reddit
We’re not really sure what they’re trying to sell here.

funny-ad-slogans 4

Photo credit: reddit
We suggest you try chewing them first.

funny-ad-slogans 5

Photo credit: reddit
Another double meaning one-liner here.

funny-ad-slogans 6

Photo credit: reddit
Thanks but no thanks!

funny-ad-slogans 7

Photo credit:
How about this one from a company that installs sprinkler systems?

funny-ad-slogans 8

It just sounds wrong. So wrong!

funny-ad-slogans 9

Whatever happened to being family-friendly!

funny-ad-slogans 10

Photo credit: reddit
If you’re a student, do yourself a favor and do not pick this up. Seriously!

funny-ad-slogans 11

Photo credit: reddit
We’re assuming this is a cement company or something.

funny-ad-slogans 12

Photo credit: reddit
With every stroke, oh yes.

funny-ad-slogans 13

Photo credit: collegehumor

Hope you were entertained by these slogans as much as we were although sure, each one is really worthy of a facepalm. Anyway, we’re just hoping that the copywriters didn’t get fired from their jobs!

Now which of these ads are your favorites? Have you encountered these hilarious ads or others that are pretty similar? We’d be thrilled to hear from you so feel free to share something in the comment box below.

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