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15 Illustrations Depicting What It’s Like To Be Born In The 21st Century

These witty cartoons present some awesome and, at times, disturbing insights on life as we know it.

When cartoons are mentioned, people often think of whimsical works of art. After all, the word itself is often associated with children’s entertainment. Indeed, many of us seek out cartoons when we need a good laugh or something to cheer us up.

However, cartoons can also be used as a platform for though-provoking messages. Those created to accompany editorials or opinion pieces, for instance, certainly deliver quite a punch. In fact, some of them can stand alone and present really sharp insights without a single word.

That said, here are some cartoons that will surely make a lot of people stop and think.

1. We often want what we haven't got.

For many of us, the grass always looks greener on the other side. We never feel content and are always envious of what other have.

2. Reality is right between the lines.

Source: Ivanovich

We all choose our forms of escape from reality. Others are distracted by love affairs forged online. There are also those who are lost in the world of books.

3. What enriches your mind?

We need money, but how far can it actually go if we don’t have our mind in the right place?

4. Kids are often the sum of their parents' parts.

Our parents often define us.

5. It's literally a matter of time.

We don’t realize just how precious time is until it’s actually too late.

6. Woe to the scapegoat.

It always feels horrible when everyone gangs up on you.

7. It's always better when we are together.

Unity is the key to solving most of the world’s problems.

8. What you see is sometimes not what you get.

Technology has made it possible for people to get away with unsavory motives.

9. You really can't sit around and do nothing.

Source: Bokifide

You need to take action for anything to happen.

10. Hold on to your parents.

Listen to your parents and never let go of the good things that they teach you.

11. Many of us can't handle the truth.

It’s easy to sweep things under the rug.

12. It pays to do your own thing.

This is why we shouldn’t get distracted.

13. They're both fat for the wrong reasons.

The rich eat too much, while the poor eat the cheapest things that often make them fat without making them healthy.

14. Manipulators often claim, "I'm just like you."

People will pretend to be just like everyone else in order to get to the top of the heap.

15. Parents have the power to clip their kids' wings.

Sometimes overprotective parents can pose the biggest challenge to their child’s dream.


Artist Creates Satirical Illustrations to Answer What’s Wrong in Today’s Society

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For the common people, art is all about pleasing one’s eyes. But to those who have pledged their selves to it, art is all about the transfer of ideas and thoughts. For decades, Australian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer has been creating satirical illustrations that highlight reasons why today’s society is far from being perfect.

In fact, Haderer had faced the court thanks to one of his books titled, “The Life of Jesus.” It basically triggered violent reactions in Europe, particularly from the Catholic Church. The story surfaced sometime in 2005 when he was convicted in Greece for badmouthing the country’s religious community. He eventually received a six-month suspended sentence in absentia. A couple of months later, the initial verdict was corrected via an appeal resulting to Haderer’s acquittal.

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French Designer Sews Dresses With Out Of This World Designs

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Sylvie Facon sews dresses just like an ordinary designer does. But unlike any other, she settles with stuff that would steal any catwalk. And by stuff, we mean using book spines. Yes, that is right – she uses book spines to create dresses that you do not usually see on a regular basis. From spines of old texts to steampunk-inspired garment details, Sylvie is definitely not your ordinary designer.

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