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12 Super Simple Remedies for All Sorts of Stains





If you’re absolutely clumsy or you’re just always in an environment where a few stains can’t be avoided, you’ve probably been looking high and low for ways to rid your once-immaculate clothes of stains. Well look no further because these are the easiest one-ingredient fixes for those stubborn stains!

#1. Oil

Source: Pixabay

Whether it’s lip gloss or food grease, rubbing chalk powder into the oil will help absorb the grease before you toss it in the wash.

#2. Grease

Source: Pixabay

Grease stains can easily be removed by pouring Coca-Cola onto the stain before washing.

#3. Sweat

Source: Pixabay

Underarm sweat stains can be removed by mixing one part lemon juice with one part water and rubbing it onto the stained area.

#4. Deodorant

Source: Pixabay

To keep those shirts immaculate, give those deodorant stains a quick rub with dryer sheets.

#5. Coffee

Source: Pixabay

The best way to get rid of coffee stains is by moistening a cloth and dipping it in some baking soda. Afterwards, rub that piece of cloth against the coffee stain and rinse.

#6. Red Wine

Source: Pixabay

Before the wine has completely set, sprinkle some salt onto it to help absorb the wine, Then wash as usual.

#7. Ink

Source: Pixabay

Art piece gone wrong? Soak your ink-stained clothes in some milk overnight before washing.

#8. Lipstick

Source: Pixabay

Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it against the stain.

#9. Blood

Source: Pixabay

Fresh bloodstains can easily be removed by applying 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and rinsing with water.

#10. Grass

Source: Pixabay

Remove grass stains by dabbing a sponge soaked in vinegar onto the stained area.

#11. Makeup

Source: Pixabay

Nope, don’t use makeup remover! Instead, rub shaving cream onto the stain before rinsing.

#12. Berry Juice

Source: Pixabay

No need for anything fancy. Just pour some boiling water onto the stain from a distance of about 8 inches to flush out the stain!

Got more DIY stain removal tricks? Share them with us below!

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