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15 Perfect Hideouts During A Zombie Apocalypse

Have you already planned your survival?


With so many movies and TV series focusing on a zombie apocalypse, it’s likely that at some point, you would wonder what will happen when the dreaded event becomes real.

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Will you be prepared to survive it all? What weapons will you scavenge from the wastelands to help defend yourself from a horde of flesh-eating corpses? Most importantly, where will you hide?

Here are 15 places that you can take refuge in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Military bases

This is definitely an excellent hiding place. You have access to weapons and you can also get help from other survivors—if there are any. The catch is that you have to settle for canned goods.

Military bases

Source: Pixabay



Source: Stripes


Source: Moon Truth


Europe’s Underwater Museum Features A Haunting Exhibit

The eerie exhibits highlight ocean conservation and the ongoing refugee crisis…

Off the coast of northwestern Africa, down below the clear azure waters of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, a haunting exhibit trains its blind eyes under the depths.

Divers and curious tourists who venture below the water are stunned at the sinister and otherworldly figures that are walking, standing, sitting, and lying down on the ocean floor of the volcanic archipelago.

The grey-skinned models give off an eerie presence...

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This is What That Tiny Pocket On Your Jeans is Really Made For

The small, little details matter.

Do you ever wonder what that small fifth front pocket on your jeans was made for? Sure, we use it to store coins and eternally-folded receipts, but do you ever think about its real, original and intended function?

Because centuries have passed since jeans was first invented, it is not surprising that the original function of the small pocket would be drowned to history.

See that tiny little pocket there?

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This Guy Spent Years Taking Photos Of This Unbelievable ‘Small Town’

Look closely and you’ll be surprised…

Looking at Michael Paul Smith’s photos is like turning back the hands of time. His vintage-inspired images absolutely capture the vibe of quintessential America from decades ago. The town looks visually stunning but actually, they are not what they seem to be.

Yes, the pictures carry a little surprise. There’s really something more to them than meets the eye. No doubt, you will pleasantly be amazed when you find out what they really are.

Go scroll down, look closely, and try to find out what's so special about these vintage images:

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