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YouTuber David Dobrik Surprises His Friends By Bringing Borat To Them

Borat did not disappoint!





  • David Dobrik’s friends were astonished to see Borat right in front of them.
  • Borat opened his bag to show the fresh meat inside, including “pangolins fresh from Wuhan.”
  • Borat then continued to wreak havoc as the crew walked around Los Angeles.

What is the best way to surprise your friends who are huge fans of Borat? Maybe you can treat them to tickets for the movie? When you’re YouTuber David Dobrik, you can definitely do more than that!

David actually brought Borat in to introduce to his friends, who were beyond astonished upon seeing Borat, played by actor Sacha Baron Cohen, in the flesh.

Right from his entrance, Borat certainly did not disappoint – he came in an old beat-up vehicle and banged into a car on the driveway.

Borat stepped down from his vehicle and said, “You buy a cheap car, what did you expect?” which was hilarious since it was definitely more expensive than the car he came in.

“So you came this far to promote your movie?” David asked him.

To which Borat replied “Yes, because if I don’t promote the movie, they will execute me.

Classic Borat in character.

He then proceeded to open his bag to show David and his friends the fresh meat inside, including “pangolins fresh from Wuhan.”

David then introduced Borat to his friend Suzy, who happens to be the biggest Borat fan among them.

Upon seeing Borat on the backseat of their car, Suzy started screaming in delight and telling Borat how much she loves the movie.

“We have a possession here!” Borat exclaimed.

Borat then continued to wreak havoc as the crew walked around Los Angeles. Upon seeing construction workers (who were snapping pictures of him) in their yellow vests, Borat called out to them.

“Why are you wearing yellow? You sex criminals?!”

David then brought Borat to his house where he committed more antics which made David and his friends laugh continuously. They showed Borat a gumball machine which required someone to drop 25 cents to release gums.

Borat then proceeded to pull the machine into the ground.

“Now you don’t need the 25 cents. So really, you owe me a lot of money!”

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The video was a win-win for both David and Sacha – David got more than 8 million viewers so far on his video and Sacha got to promote the second Borat film tremendously via YouTube.


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