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‘Young’ Vlogger Turns Out To Be a 58-Year-Old Woman After Her Beauty Filter Glitches




  • A popular Chinese vlogger is known for her youthful appearance.
  • However, her followers were shocked to discover that her looks are actually a result of several beauty filters.
  • The streamer’s beauty filter malfunctioned during a stream and it was revealed that she is actually a 58-year-old woman.

Beauty filters are a fun and easy way to instantly enhance your look using your phone. However, one vlogger may have taken it way too far and got caught. The “young” streamer was in the middle of a stream when her beauty filter glitched. Without the app, she was revealed to be a 58-year-old woman!

The Chinese vlogger known as Your Highness Qiaobiluo is one of the most popular streamers on the Chinese platform DouYu. She is so famous that her 130,000 followers are willing to donate money so they could meet her in person. Interestingly, Qiaobilou claimed that she will arrange a meeting if she could collect 100,000 yuan ($14,500) in donations. However, things didn’t work as well as she had planned.

The vlogger was revealed to be a lot older than she presented herself to be!

The truth was revealed during a stream hosted by Qiaobilou, along with fellow streamer Qingzi. In the middle of their stream, Qiaobilou’s beauty filter was accidentally turned off, revealing her true face.

Interestingly, her co-host was visibly surprised by what she saw. However, Qingzi didn’t say anything and instead carried on with the stream awkwardly.

Her co-host couldn’t believe her eyes!

Although her co-host didn’t mention the beauty filter glitch, several viewers saw what happened. As a result, most of Qiaobilou’s fans quickly unfollowed her and withdrew their donations.

Most of Qiaobilou’s pictures posted on the internet are heavily filtered.

But was it an accident or a stunt played by the Chinese vlogger? Qiaobilou later stated that she purposely removed the beauty filter to expose her true face. Amazingly, the 58-year-old streamer has actually gained more followers since the incident.

We’ll never truly know if Qiaobilou made a mistake and covered it up by claiming she took down the beauty filter on purpose. For now, it’s safe to say that the truth will always be exposed no matter how many filters you use to hide it.

You can watch the stream below:

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