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Man With Only 3 Months Left To Live Finally Meets Real Parents After He Was Switched At Birth




  • 28-year-old Yao Ce finally met his real parents for the first time.
  • According to reports, he was mistakenly switched at birth by the hospital.
  • Yao has been told he only has 3 months to live, after he was previously diagnosed with liver cancer.

A terminally-ill man finally had the chance to meet his real parents for the first time. Apparently, Yao Ce was mistakenly switched when he was born in Kaifeng, China 28 years ago.

The truth eventually came out after Yao has been diagnosed with late stage liver cancer. Doctors told him he only had three months to live and he needed a liver donor. Much to everyone’s surprise, his ‘mother’ – who volunteered to be a donor – wasn’t a match. Following this, the man who raised him took a paternity test which confirmed that he wasn’t Yao’s father.

Guo Wie (left) and Yao Ce (right), both 28, were mistakenly switched at birth by the hospital.

It was later discovered that Yao was switched with Guo Wie, also 28, and the two families met to celebrate their birthdays. Needless to say, It was an emotional reunion.

The woman who Yao initially thought was his mother remarked:

“We have devoted a lot into Yao’s education, and he has become a successful young man.”

His biological mom, on the other hand, said:

“We only hope that he can get better.”

As for Yao, he shared:

“When I think about my parents’ attitude to me throughout the last month, I can’t think of one thing that has changed.”

The family ended up suing the hospital for the switch and has since been awarded a total of 1,000,000 yen for causing emotional distress.

As the court pointed out:

“The work error brought decades-long separation to Yao and his biological parents, so the hospital should pay them mental compensation.”

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