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Woman Who Owns a Fiat SUV Fakes Being Homeless, Gets Arrested

She owns a nice vehicle but goes out there begging for people’s money.





  • She was seen walking across a strip and knocking on car windows to beg motorists for money.
  • Two men followed her to a parking lot, where it was discovered that she drives a 2014 Fiat SUV.
  • She was later arrested for tossing bottles of Gatorade at another person’s vehicle.

During these times hard times, how would you feel giving money to the homeless? No big deal, right? But what if the said homeless person actually owns a new Fiat SUV?

A video recently went viral featuring a fake homeless woman in Virginia, who was seen walking across a strip in Broad Street and Glenside Drive in Henric, holding up a sign. She knocks on car windows and begs motorists for money.

The clip then shows her being approached by two men as she walks towards her car, a 2014 Fiat SUV parked in a McDonald’s lot.

The two men taking the video was asking her why she was “begging for change all over the city of Richmond” when she owns a new car.

The indignant woman tries to ward off the men, telling them, “Why don’t you leave me alone before I call the cops on you!”

The men repeatedly asked her why she was begging and how much she made that day. The woman, wanting to get rid of them and their incessant questioning, walked towards the drive-thru windows of the McDonald’s store to ask help from the employees inside.

She complained to a female crew about being harassed by the men, who answered by telling the crew that the woman was parking in the store premises even if she’s not a customer.

“Do you know that she parks in your parking lot everyday and never spends a dime here, but goes out there begging for change? That’s her car right there,” the men said.

The store did not help the woman, who again walked towards her SUV. The men continued to question her non-stop.

“So why are you doing this?” the woman asked.

“Because it’s wrong! You’re taking people’s money. Look at your car, what year is this? What year is that vehicle?” the men replied.

“You’re not homeless, you own a car. Some people are really homeless. Some people are really homeless and need help,” they added.

Watch how it happened:

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The woman tried to defend herself by saying she is disabled, but when asked what her disability was, she told the men that it was none of their business.

Eventually, the woman, who was later identified as Micha Leigh Dominguez, 40, was arrested by the police after she was reported tossing bottles of Gatorade at another person’s vehicle.

The incident was said to have been captured on video, leading to the fake homeless woman’s arrest.

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