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Woman Gets Revenge On Her Ex-Husband Who Kicked Her Out Of Their Million Dollar Home





When one spouse files divorce against the other, it is definitely not a happy ending. It can be frustrating and messy. Worst, the separation would be very emotional if your partner dumps you for someone else.

This is a story of an ex-wife who plotted the stinkiest revenge ever.


Photo credit: Det-anan

Edith and Jake were married for almost 37 years. When Jake fell in love with his young secretary, he decided to file a divorce against Edith.

After dumping his wife, the new girlfriend told Jake that she wants to live in Jake and Edith’s ostentatious mansion. Jake obliged. With the help of his lawyers, he was able to obtain a court order ejecting Edith from the multimillion dollar home. Jake demanded that within 3 days Edith has to move out.

On the first day, the ex-wife started packing her things and placed them in crates and boxes.

She then called two movers to collect her things on the 2nd day.

When the 3rd day came, Edith spent the day in their magnificent dining hall. She dined by candlelight, feasted on a jar of caviar, a pound of shrimp and a bottle of Chardonnay while listening to some sentimental songs.

After eating, she gathered the half-eared shrimp shells and dipped all of them into the jar of caviar. She then went into each and every room and stuffed the shells into the holes of all the curtain rods. When she was finished, she cleaned the kitchen and left the house.

Jake and his new girlfriend take over the house. The first few days were blissful to the new couple.

Then one day, they start to smell something stinky around the house. So they cleaned, mopped and ventilate the place. They check the vents for dead rodents, cleaned all the carpets, and placed air fresheners around the house. They even moved out for a few days to get the exterminators set off the gas canisters, and finally, replaced the house’s very pricey wool carpeting. But, nothing changed. The house remained to smell rot.

Few days later, the maid left, the repairmen quit working in the house and one by one their friends refused to visit them. The day came that they could no longer bear the stench of the house, so they decided to leave.

They thought about selling the house but they had a hard time looking for a buyer. A month later, no one seems interested to purchase the house despite cutting its price in half. Even local realtors stopped returning their calls. This prompted them to purchase a new house at a hefty price and since Jake is out of money after spending much on getting the house cleaned and all, they have to borrow from the bank.

When Edith called Jake to check out if his doing fine, she politely listened to him when he told her about what happened to their rotting house. She told Jake that she misses the old home badly and asked if he would agree giving her the house back in return of a reduced amount of the divorce settlement.

Thinking his ex-wife is unaware of how stinky their house was, he told Edith that she could get the house at a price that was about 1/10 of its worth but she has to sign the papers on that day. She concurred. After an hour, Jake had the paperwork delivered through his lawyers.

The next week, Jake and his girlfriend was all set to move. They were so delighted to see the moving company packing and transferring everything to their new place: their personal things, appliances, and furniture…

Including the curtain rods.


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