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Woman Sparks Outrage After Going To The Beach And Complaining About Finding Many People There

Her family criticized them for “not paying attention to social distancing.”

  • Upon arriving at the beach, Jane Peacock was shocked to find a lot of people there.
  • She and her daughter criticized them for “not paying attention to social distancing” orders.
  • Twitter users, however, called the family out for their hypocrisy, saying “they are part of the problem.”

Jane Peacock and her family drove an hour and a half to reach the beach at Durdle Door in Dorset, UK. She was surprised to find a lot of people in there and actually took time to rant about it.

In an interview with BBC, Peacock said that the people at the beach were “not paying attention to social distancing.” This has since caused outrage from netizens who called her out about her own inability to stay at home during the pandemic.

Jane Peacock found it “quite annoying,” saying “it’s like being in Tesco.”
To add insult to injury, her daughter Ellie added: ‘It’s nice to get out of quarantine but I think it’s going to peak again because everyone’s going to go mad and go anywhere they can.”

As expected, netizens online reacted strongly to Peacock family’s seeming hypocrisy, saying that they are irresponsible and selfish.

The Peacock family among part of the large crowd at Durdle Door.

One Twitter user said:

“I think she sees herself as above the problem. This type of ego is what is wrong with the majority of the UK.”

Another commented:

“For someone who is engaging in selfish, irresponsible behavior to criticize others for selfish, irresponsible behavior is the height of hypocrisy.”

There were around 2,500 people at the Durdle Door beach who were also keen to take advantage of the government’s relaxation of the lockdown.

The Lulworth estate, which owns Durdle Door, tried to discourage people from visiting the spot during the lockdown by closing the car park to the cove. But now that the lockdown has been eased, people can’t be prevented anymore from coming.

James Weld, the owner of Lulworth estate, said: “Of course, now they can come. The police don’t have any power to stop them. If we hadn’t opened they would be on the roads walking around anyway.”

People in the UK are now allowed to go to open spaces such as beaches and parks with members of the same household. However, going on holidays and staying overnight at second homes are still prohibited.

Basketball courts, tennis courts, and golf courses are now open to the public again. Playgrounds, public swimming pools, outdoor gyms, and leisure centers are still off limits at the moment.


Minneapolis Rioters Play Audio From The Purge: “Any And All Crime Will Be Legal For 12 Continuous Hours”

This is absolute chaos!

  • A viral Twitter audio captured the moment when rioters in Minneapolis blasted The Purge audio while burning a vehicle.
  • President Donald Trump has since condemned all the violence in the city, assuring that the US military is with Governor Tim Walz "all the way."

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Canadian Teacher Tells Student To “Go Back To The Philippines And Work On Rice Farms”

He has since been suspended for 3 days.

  • A school in Vancouver suspended a teacher for three days after making racist, homophobic, and hyper-sexual comments to his students.
  • Reports also stated that the teacher was fond of sharing "way too much information" about his sex life.
  • The school has previously disciplined the teacher over his inappropriate behavior in class.

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Cardinal In HK Says The “Pandemic Started In China”

He directly linked the pandemic to China’s “lies and violence” and imperialist ambition.

  • Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen took it to Twitter to share a statement he made during an online forum.
  • He said that China started the pandemic and the communist country become a "threat to the world".
  • Cardinal Zen also said that the "world disaster" of the pandemic has become an awakening for everybody.

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