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Woman Inserts Metal Spring Up Her Private Part Thinking It Will Work as Birth Control




  • She found the spring on the floor of her workshop.
  • It stayed in her body for six months.
  • Doctors had to cut the spring and remove it piece by piece.

For most women, the thought of a foreign object inside their private parts is enough to make them cringe. Now think about a spring inside you and it’s definitely not an IUD.

A 31-year-old woman in South China’s Guangdong province slipped a metal spring inside her thinking that it will function as an IUD or intrauterine device. The spring was in her body for six months and was only discovered when she went to the hospital for an abortion.

According to Gynaecologist Fu Junhong, the woman was already five months pregnant when she went to Minzhong Hospital to request her pregnancy to be terminated.

The doctors checked on her and they saw the metal spring, which measures five centimeters across.
They had to do an emergency surgery to remove the spring, using a pair of pliers to cut the spring apart. They weren’t able to remove it intact.

“She was five months pregnant and came to our hospital for an abortion procedure. During our checks, we found rings lodged between her vagina and cervix – it was a spring which had already been enveloped by her vaginal tissue,” Fu said.

She thought the spring would work as an IUD.

The doctor further explained that the patient thought the metal spring would prevent pregnancy. She found the spring on the floor of her workshop. She washed it and then just inserted it in her. The woman did this around half a year ago. The doctor added that it was a very unhygienic and unscientific act.

Luckily, the woman did not get infections or damage to her tissues. She was operated on for 40 minutes and was discharged shortly. The doctor did not disclose whether she went ahead with the abortion. Normally, it was not permitted to have an abortion six months into the pregnancy, although exceptions can be made under special cases.

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