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Woman Documents Herself Dying From Rare Disease In Effort To Legalize Euthanasia





Most people want to live a long happy life or even achieve immortality. However, one Australian woman just wants to die. She is currently fighting to legalize euthanasia in her country. To do so, she has documented herself slowly dying from a rare disease that has no cure.

Holly Warland is just like every other 27-year-old who loves to post photos of herself on Instagram. However, Warland’s pictures don’t use filters of any kind. She is determined to show people what it’s like to live with a disability that has left her bed-ridden and weak.

“My condition is so rare that when I tell the doctors what’s wrong with me, I’m often left with blank stares.”

“I can get up periodically to go to the toilet or have a shower but it takes a lot of energy and I’m often left gasping for breath.”

Warland has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. “It involves the gradual deterioration of all my muscles from the chin down leaving me predominantly bed bound and reliant on care,” she explains. Since there is no cure, Warland expects the condition to eventually make her too weak.

It is clear that Warland is a smart, happy woman despite her condition. She lives with her partner who also serves as her caregiver and their two cats. Although she still has a strong will to live, Warland is also looking to legalize euthanasia in her state. Her reason is sad yet hopeful for anyone living with disabilities.

“I have been given the opportunity to advocate for issues close to my heart. One of these issues is the legalization of Voluntary Assisted Dying in my state. The unfortunate reality for me is that this condition will eventually make life unbearable for me and I want a safe and reliant option to end my life when I am ready. I never thought this was an issue I would become so passionate about but when I stopped to think about it, it’s my only humane option. I could wait until I die naturally but that might be decades of more pain and suffering.”

“My LGMD involves the gradual deterioration of all my muscles from the chin down leaving me predominantly bed bound and reliant on care.”

“It’s hard to let go of your entire life plan but also oddly satisfying.”

It’s a grim thought for such a promising young woman. Warland continues to share pictures from her daily life and is always shown with a smile on her face. It is clear that this woman is determined to live life to the fullest while she still can. You can learn more about Warland by following her on Instagram @hollywiththemd.

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