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Woman Dislocates Her Jaw After Laughing So Hard In Excitement During a Card Game





Long train rides are no fun. If you know you’ll be having a lengthy journey, it’s best to bring a few things to keep you occupied. Usually, I try to pass the time by reading a graphic novel, playing games on my phone, or browsing my social media feed. Other times, I bring my tablet along and catch up with a movie or TV show I’ve missed. That often does the trick for me.

A couple from China recently went on a 28-hour train trip together as they traveled from Nanning to Qingdao City, Shandong. To battle boredom, they thought of playing a game of cards.

The harmless game went terribly wrong, however, after Mrs. Qiao accidentally dislocated her jaw when she got too excited about the game.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 2

Photo credit: NextShark
According to her husband, she was laughing and screaming so hard after being dealt a good hand during their card game.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 4

Photo credit: NextShark

She later noticed a pop in her jaw and immediately realized she couldn’t close her mouth anymore – and it felt awfully painful.

The husband quickly alerted the train staff about his wife’s condition and the train sped to reach Guilin in the shortest possible time.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 3

Photo credit: NextShark

Upon reaching the city, medical personnel were already waiting and they immediately assessed the middle-aged woman’s condition. She was later brought to the local hospital and after 2 hours of treatment, her jaw was finally put back in place.

Now we know why it’s wiser to maintain a poker face while playing – even when you’re already winning!

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